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Welcome to the Ocean of Baby Names
Baby Names Ocean will help you choose the best baby name for
your beloved child. Our site has over 18,000 Baby Names with Unique Name Meanings and Origins from around the whole world! Browse thousands of boy and girl names from the most popular to the unique and unusual. We hope you'll find the perfect baby name for your
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Top 10 Baby Names for Boys and Girls
P. Boy Names Meaning Girl Names Meaning
1 Jacob From the Ecclesiastic L.. Emily From the Latin Aemilia,..
2 Michael Derived from the Hebr.. Emma Variant of the Germanic..
3 Joshua Derived from the Hebrew.. Madison Transferred use of the ..
4 Ethan Ecclesiastic Late Latin.. Isabella A borrowing from the Sp..
5 Matthew Evolution of the Middle.. Ava Of uncertain origin and..
6 Daniel Derived from the Hebrew.. Abigail Derived from the Hebrew..
7 Christopher Derived from the Eccles.. Olivia Elaboration of Olive (o..
8 Andrew English form of the G.. Hannah Derived from the Hebrew..
9 Anthony Derived from the Latin .. Sophia A borrowing from the Gr..
10 William From the Old Norman Fre.. Samantha Feminine form of Samue..
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Baby Naming Tips
When you choose a name for your baby, please remember that the name you choose for your child will be with him for the whole life. That's why it's very important mission for you to make as a parent. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.
Top 10 Naming Tips:
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