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Browse over 26 Persian Girl Names and Persian Boy Names

Persian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbanPersianThis name is for a mythological fig..
ArmanPersianMeaning "desire" or "goal."
BahramPersianMeaning "he who is of a good dispos..
CasperPersianMeaning "treasurer." Former defense..
CyrusPersian"Sun." Cyrus the Great, the first k..
DaraPersian"Wealthy. " Popular Persian name du..
EstherPersianThis name means "star." According t..
FeirouzPersian"Fortunate." Firouz is the Arabic p..
JamsheedPersianFrom old Persia signifying "From Pe..
JasminePersianThis name means "jasmine flower."
JasperPersianMeaning "treasurer." One of the Mag..
KavehPersianThe name for the heroic mythical Pe..
LalehPersianThis name means "tulip."
MehrdadPersianA name the signifies "gift of the s..
MehriPersianMeaning "kind" or "lovable" or "sun..
NahidPersianThe Persian name for Venus, the god..
NasimPersianMeaning "breeze" or "fresh air." Bo..
PariPersianA name that means "fairy" or "angel..
PirouzPersianMeaning "victory" or "prosperous." ..
RoxannePersianMeans "sunrise." Rocsana was the Pe..
SohrabPersianThe name of a legendary hero in the..
SorayaPersianMeaning "princess." This is the nam..
SoroushPersianA name that means "happiness." The ..
SouzanPersianMeaning "burning fire," "fire's hot..
TaranehPersianA name meaning "melody."
YasmiriPersianA Persian form of Jasmine

Description of Persian Names
Persian Baby Names
In this territory once known as Persia lives an Indo-European group related to the Aryans of India, having supplanted an earlier agricultural civilization, and having emigrated from the East during the second millennium B.C. In 549 B.C., Cyrus the Great united the Medes and the Persians to form the Persian Empire; and in 538 B.C., he succeeded in conquering Babylonia and restored Jerusalem to the Jews. Colonizing Arabs from Damascus brought Islam to Persia in the seventh century of this millennium, replacing the indigenous religion of Zoroastrianism. Names in Iran reflect the unique nature of the predominant language, Farsi (or Persian), which despite its use of Arabic script is not related to the Semitic group of languages. Children's names in Iran are derived from religious or historical sources, and, as in many Islamic countries, must be officially sanctioned, such as Muhammad, Ebrahim, Kourosh, Farhad, or Hamid. Among well-known Iranians is the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.
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