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Browse over 48 Ukrainian Girl Names and Ukrainian Boy Names

Ukrainian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AdrianUkrainianFrom the name of the ancient city o..
AnnaUkrainianMeaning "divine gift."
BohdanUkrainianMeaning "given by God."
DanyloUkrainianMeaning "divine judge."
DmitroUkrainianMasculine version of the name Demet..
HalynaUkrainianMeaning "calm" or "serene."
IhorUkrainianFrom the Scandinavian god of abunda..
IrynaUkrainianMeaning "peace."
IvanUkrainianMeaning "God has mercy."
JosypUkrainianMeaning "God multiplies."
KosmaUkrainianMeaning "order" or "peace."
LadaUkrainianMeaning "dear" or "beloved."
LubovUkrainianMeaning "love."
LukaUkrainianMeaning "light."
MaksymUkrainianMeaning "the greatest."
MariaUkrainianMeaning "exalted."
MarkoUkrainianMeaning "hammer."
MatviyUkrainianMeaning "gift of God."
MikaylaUkrainianMeaning "Who is like God."
MykolaUkrainianMeaning "Who is like God."
MyronUkrainianMeaning "sweet smelling oil."
NatalkaUkrainianMeaning "natural."
OksanaUkrainianMeaning "guest" or "foreigner." Oks..
OlehUkrainianMeaning "holy."
OleksanderUkrainianMeaning "to protect."
OlliaUkrainianMeaning "holy."
OndrijUkrainianMeaning "brave."
OrestUkrainianMeaning "mountain."
PavloUkrainianMeaning "small."
PetroUkrainianMeaning "rock."
RomanUkrainianMeaning "Roman citizen."
SerhiyUkrainianMeaning "exalted one."
StanislavUkrainianMeaning "to establish glory."
StefaniaUkrainianMeaning "wreath."
StepanUkrainianMeaning "crown."

Description of Ukrainian Names
Ukrainian Baby Names
Like names in the languages of most European nations, Ukrainian names have been greatly influenced by Christianity. By the close of the 10th century, when the eastern Slavic tribes who were ancestors to both Russians and Ukrainians accepted Greek Orthodoxy as the state religion, many Greek names had entered the local language. Despite this strong outside influence, however, genuine Slavic names remained in the culture. Since Russia and Ukraine are linguistic as well as geographic neighbors, names of the two nations are similar when written and pronounced, the difference often being a matter of one letter. For instance, where there is a letter "a" in Russian, Ukrainians will say "o," and where there is a hard "g" in Russian, Ukrainians will say "h."
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