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Hindu Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AadiHinduDerived from the Sanskrit aadi (fir..
AakavHinduShape, form
AakeshHinduLord of the sky
AakilHinduIntelligent, smart
AalokHinduLight of God, divine light
AaminHinduGrace of God, divine grace
AananHinduFace, countenance
AanandiniHinduAlways happy. Derived from ananda (..
AandaleebHinduA borrowing of the native name of t..
AatmadevaHinduGod of the soul
AatmikHinduSanskrit name meaning "the soul."
AbbasHinduOf Arabic origin derived from 'abba..
AbdulHinduOf Arabic origin, this name is comp..
Abdul-HafeezHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-HakimHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-HAMIDHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-JabbarHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-KarimHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-LatifHinduCompound name of Arabic origin comp..
Abdul-MajidHinduCompound name of Arabic origin comp..
Abdul-QadirHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-RahmanHinduCompound name composed from the Ara..
Abdul-SalamHinduDerived from the Arabic 'Abd-al-Sal..
AbdullahHinduOf Arabic origin, Abdullah is compo..
Abdur-RahimHinduCompound name of Arabic origin comp..
Abdur-RASHIDHinduCompound name of Arabic origin comp..
AbhaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit abha (lig..
AbhirajaHinduSanskrit compound name meaning "gre..
AchalaHinduConstant, unceasing
AdamyaHinduSanskrit name meaning "formidable, ..
AdheeshaHinduEmperor, king
AdhidevaHinduCompound name meaning "supreme god...
AdhikaHinduMore, excess, extra
AdityaHinduThe sun

Description of Hindu Names
Hindu Baby Names
SINCE ANCIENT times, Hindu children have been given as many as three names, one of which is secret and unspoken. At least one of the names, preferably the everyday name, should be taken from the names of the gods, who are manifestations of the One God. In Hindu belief, God is manifest in all things, and the names of all things are the names of God. Thus, many names are derived from common words. To these root words are also added various popular suffixes. There are some five dozen terminations for male names, but only around ten suffixes for female names. Most of the other Hindu and Sanskrit names that do not reflect the names of gods or have a religious meaning fall into several other categories: nature names, personal or abstract qualities, occupational names, and names from common words. A child born after the death of a sibling may be given a name designed to keep evil spirits away. Such a name is invariably disgusting, in the hopes that the spirits will believe that the child, too, is repellent and stay away from it. In some parts of India, it is common practice to mention a person's caste with his name, so as to distinguish between people of the same name. Some castes state the father's name first, and some castes add a surname for designation.
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