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Browse over 48 Ugandan Girl Names and Ugandan Boy Names

Ugandan Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbboUgandanMeaning "a condiment."
BalondemuUgandanA name signifying "the chosen one."..
DembeUgandanMeaning "peaceful."
EjauUgandanMeaning "we have received."
GonzaUgandanAn amorous name that means "love."
GwandoyaUgandanMeaning "met with unhappiness."
IrumbaUgandanMeaning "born after twins."
KabiitoUgandanMeaning "born while foreigners are ..
KaboneroUgandanMeaning "sign."
KabonesaUgandanMeaning "difficult birth."
KamogaUgandanThe name of a royal Baganda family...
KamuhandaUgandanTranslated literally, this name mea..
KamukamaUgandanMeaning "protected by God."
KamyaUgandanMeaning "born after twin brothers."..
KarutundaUgandanMeaning "little."
KarwanaUgandanMeaning "born during wartime."
KatoUgandanMeaning "second of twins."
KatungiUgandanMeaning "rich."
KayongaUgandanMeaning "ash." The name of a great ..
KibuukaUgandanMeaning "brave warrior." The name o..
KigongoUgandanMeaning "born before twins."
KissaUgandanMeaning "born after twins."
LutaloUgandanA name that means "warrior."
MadongoUgandanMeaning "uncircumcised."
MagomuUgandanA name suggesting "the younger of t..
MangeniUgandanMeaning "fish."
MasaniUgandanTranslates as "has a gap between th..
MayongaUgandanMeaning "lake sailor."
MpozaUgandanA name that means "tax collector."
MugisaUgandanMeaning "lucky."
MukasaUgandanMeaning "God's chief administrator...
MwakaUgandanMeaning "born on New Year's Eve."
MwanjeUgandanMeaning "leopard."
NabiryeUgandanMeaning "one who produces twins."
NabulungiUgandanMeaning "beautiful one."

Description of Ugandan Names
Ugandan Baby Names
A lush and fertile country with a temperate climate, Uganda was once among the most ethnically diverse and prosperous countries in Africa. It is here that the kingdoms of Buganda, Karagwe, and Bunyoro once stood. Recently it has experienced several decades of economic and domestic crises. Following the notorious Idi Amin's military coup and eight-year reign, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was sworn in as president in January 1986 and proclaimed a ten-point program through which the National Resistance Movement would "usher in a new and better future for the people of Uganda." English remains the nation's official language and exerts a strong influence in naming customs, although Islamic and indigenous names are certainly also popular. Native languages of Uganda include Luganda, Swahili, and Bantu, as well as Sudanic and Nilo-Hamitic dialects.
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