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Irish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbaigealIrishIrish Gaelic form of Abigail (fathe..
AbbanIrishDiminutive form of abb (an abbot): ..
AbbeyIrishA short form of Abigail (father of ..
AbigailIrishFrom the Hebrew Avigayil, which is ..
AbrachamIrishGaelic form of Abraham (father of a..
AbrahamIrishDerived from the Hebrew Avraham (fa..
AchaiusIrishClassical Latin name used to Anglic..
AdamnanIrishAnglicized form of Adhamhnan (littl..
AdelaideIrishOf English origin, means "noble" or..
AdhamhIrishGaelic form of Adam, a name deriv..
AdhamhnanIrishDiminutive form of Adhamh, the Gael..
AedusIrishLatinized form of the Gaelic Aodh (..
AeneasIrishDerived from the Greek Aineias (to ..
AengusIrishA borrowing from the Scottish, Aeng..
AffricaIrishLatinized form of Aifric (pleasant)..
AghnaIrishIrish variant of Agnes (chaste, pur..
AgnesIrishDerived from the Greek Hagne, which..
AguistinIrishGaelic form of Augustine, a name de..
AidanIrishAnglicized form of Aodhan (little f..
AideenIrishAnglicized form of Etain, an old Ga..
AifricIrishGaelic name meaning "pleasant," Aif..
AigneisIrishGaelic form of Agnes (chaste, pure,..
AilbheIrishA common name of uncertain derivati..
AilbheIrishA common name of uncertain derivati..
AilillIrishOld Gaelic name meaning "sprite." A..
AilinIrishGaelic form of Alan, a Celtic name ..
AilisIrishGaelic form of Alice (nobility). Se..
AimilionaIrishGaelic form of Amelina, a diminutiv..
AindreasIrishGaelic form of Andrew (manly), a na..
AineIrishGaelic name meaning "joy, praise; f..
AingealIrishGaelic form of Angela (angel, messe..
AinmireIrishOld name believed to mean "great lo..
AislingIrishDerived from aisling (dream, vision..
AlaiosIrishGaelic form of Aloysius, a Latinize..
AlanIrishCeltic name of uncertain derivation..

Description of Irish Names
Irish Baby Names
THE ANCIENT cultural influences of the Celts and the Druids, as well as the later rule by the Vikings, Normans, and the English have all had a great influence on Irish society, and these events in history have produced many interesting names that have their roots in Gaelic, Old Norse, French, Old English, and other languages. Surnames became hereditary during the reign of King Brian Boru in the tenth century, making Ireland the first European country after the fall of the Roman Empire to adopt hereditary family names. Most family names are patronymics that indicate descendancy from an early ancestor or, in some cases, from the father. The O prefix in Irish surnames, such as O Mur-chadha, stands for the Gaelic word ua, which means "grandson of" or "descendant of." The Gaelic prefix for a girl is Ni, which means "daughter of," as in Ni Murchadha. The words giolla or gille (follower of, servant of) and maol or mael (follower of, servant of) were often attached to saints' names. O, Mac, Fitz, and Ni also prefixed these names, creating combinations such as Mac Giolla Criost (son of the follower of Christ). As the citizenry of Ireland converted to Christianity, they also learned to read and write. It was at this time that they began to record their pedigrees in writing, which until then were recited and often went far back to ancient kings and chieftains. English domination and oppression had a great effect on Irish names. Early in the fifteenth century, all Irishmen living in the counties of Dublin, Louth, Kil-dare, and Meath were ordered by Edward IV to take an English surname. Many people adopted English surnames or translated their Gaelic surnames into English to avoid the penalty of forfeiture of all their yearly goods. Because of persecution and domination, English names came into great use and Gaelic spellings of names were Anglicized. In recent years, in response to the activities of the Gaelic League, more people are choosing to bestow Gaelic names upon their children. Aoibheann, Eadaion, and Siobhan are popular girls' names. For boys, Aodhan, Cathaoir, and Lughaidh are popular.
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