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Norwegian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AkselNorwegianMeaning "father of peace." Author A..
ArveNorwegianMeaning "heir" or "inheritor." Popu..
AstridNorwegianMeaning "lovely" or "divine strengt..
AudunNorwegianThis name means "deserted" or "deso..
BalderNorwegianThis is the name of the Norse god o..
BirgerNorwegianMeaning "rescue." Among renowned pe..
BjornNorwegianA form of the German Bernard,..
BodilNorwegianMeaning "fighting woman."
BorgnyNorwegianThis name means "help."
BrageNorwegianMeaning "poet." The name of the god..
BredeNorwegianMeaning "iceberg" or "glacier."
DagNorwegianMeaning "day" or "bright." Former U..
DagnyNorwegianMeaning "brightness" or "day."
DyreNorwegianThis name means "dear heart." Dyre ..
EinarNorwegianA name that means "battle leader."
EldridNorwegianA name that means "fire."
ErikNorwegianAn alternate form of Eric, meaning ..
EskilNorwegianMeaning "divine cauldron."
FrodeNorwegianMeaning "wise." A popular Norwegian..
FroyaNorwegianThis name means "noblewoman." The n..
GauteNorwegianThis name means "great."
GeorgNorwegianA form of George, from the Greek ..
GudrunNorwegianMeaning "battler."
GundaNorwegianMeaning "female warrior."
GunnarNorwegianA name that means "warrior." An alt..
GustavNorwegianMeaning "staff of the Goths." Among..
HakonNorwegianMeaning "of Nordic ancestry."
HaldisNorwegianA name that means "stone-help."
HaraldNorwegianMeaning "army chief." An alternate ..
HaukNorwegianThis name means "hawk."
HavardNorwegianMeaning "rock" or "protector." A po..
HegeNorwegianThis name signifies "holy."
IiigaNorwegianA short form of Ingrid
IngeNorwegianA short form of Ingmar and Ingva..
IngridNorwegianMeaning "hero's daughter" or "beaut..

Description of Norwegian Names
Norwegian Baby Names
The Practice of naming children in Norway is based on a variety of factors. Often parents will use Old Norse names such as Tor or Thor, Kjell (meaning "stone"), or Fraya (the name of a Norse goddess); or they may resort to Norwegian and Germanic versions of biblical names, such as Jan (John), Mari or Maria (Mary), or Ester (Esther). Since the 1960s, many Norwegians have opted for more "modern" or "multicultural" names. For boys, Tommy, Frank, and Kenneth have gained great popularity. Norway has the Navneloven, a "name law" adopted in 1964 that forbids the use of certain names that might be in some way disadvantageous to the child. Famous Norwegians include writers Knut Hamsun, Henrik Ibsen, Sigrid Undset, and Bjornsterne Bjornson; explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl; painter Edvard Munch; and composer Edvard Grieg.
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