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Browse over 321 Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Welsh Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AedWelshWelsh form of the Scottish and Iris..
AeddonWelshElaboration of Aed (fire). See AED..
AeronWelshDerived from Agrona, the name of th..
AeronwenWelshCompound name composed of the Wel..
AeronwyWelshDerived from the Welsh Aeron (battl..
AgnesWelshA popular name throughout Europe an..
AlmedhaWelshAnglicized form of Elined (shapely)..
AlunWelshWelsh form of Alan, a Celtic name o..
AlwynWelshA borrowing from the English, Alwyn..
AndrasWelshWelsh form of Andrew (manly). See ..
AndrewWelshEnglish cognate of the Greek Andrea..
AneirinWelshEvolution of Neirin, an old name of..
AneurinWelshMeaning "honorable" or "gold." Famo..
AngharadWelshDerived from angharz (undisgraced, ..
AnnaWelshLatinate form of Anne (gracious, fu..
AnneWelshA borrowing from the English and th..
AnnwylWelshDerived from the Welsh annivyl (bel..
AranrhodWelshCompound name composed of the Celti..
ArianaWelshPopular name derived from the Welsh..
ArianrhodWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
ArianwenWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
ArtWelshDerived from the Gaelic art (bear)...
ArthurWelshOf Celtic origin but of unknown mea..
ArvelWelshThis name means "wept over."
ArwystliWelshOf uncertain derivation, some belie..
AustinWelshA borrowing from the English, Austi..
AwstWelshA short form of Awstin (great, vene..
AwstinWelshWelsh form of Austin (great, venera..
BerwynWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
BethWelshShort form of Elizabeth (God is my ..
BethanWelshPopular Welsh form of Beth, a short..
BetrysWelshWelsh cognate of Beatrix, a name de..
BevanWelshA name that means "son of Evan."
BleddynWelshAncient compound name composed of b..
BlodeuweddWelshDerived from the obsolete Blodeuedd..

Description of Welsh Names
Welsh Baby Names
THE NORMAN invasion of 1066, which brought such profound change to the English, also had a great affect on the Welsh. Adventurous Norman lords, called "marcher lords," began to conquer areas in central and southern Wales. By the end of the reign of King Henry I, the southern Welsh were thoroughly subdued, leading to the intermixing of the population and culture. Over time, the Welsh language was suppressed and its use discouraged. As a result, Norman and English names nearly superseded Welsh names. Eventually, few traditional Welsh names survived. In the 1960s, Cymdeithas yr lakh Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society), pressed for recognition of the language, which led to the adoption of the 1967 Welsh Language Act. This in turn spurred a modern effort to teach the language in schools, and to promote Welsh culture and a sense of Welsh identity. In response, names are being revived from traditional Welsh poetry, legends, ancient princes and heroes, and are once again being proudly bestowed upon the children of Wales.
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