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Baby Naming Tips
When you choose a name for your baby, please remember that the name you choose for your child will be with him for the whole life. That's why it's very important mission for you to make as a parent. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Popular and Traditional Names
Popular and Traditional baby names are making come and go. In 1990 Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, David, and John were the top 5 baby names for boys and Emma, Olivia, Jessica, Samantha and Sarah were the top 5 names for girls. Please be aware by picking a beautiful and popular name, your baby may end up the 5th or 6th child in his/her class with the same name.

2. Nicknames
All kids are given nicknames from their friends, family members. May be you had one as well being a pupil or student. You should think about what nicknames can be created from the baby name you'll choose for your child. Your child will have to live with this during his/her childhood.

3. Name Spelling
Some names have multiple spelling variants. For example: Zachary - Zachery, Thomas - Tomas, Luis - Louis, Alicia - Alyssa, Sarah - Sara, Sophia - Sophie. Some names also have a boy and a girl spelling, these names are unisex. Before you choose a name, be sure you don't want to change it later.

4. What does it Mean?
What a name means it's the most important thing in choosing a name. Some names have a beautiful meanings, for example: The Latin Girl Name "Linda" means: "pretty"; "beautiful"; Vour baby may not care about the meaning of his/her name but it's something you should to have in view, especially if the name that you choose has a negative or bad meaning. "Kennedy" probably won't be happy once he finds out that the meaning of his name is: 'ugly head'. Please be careful choosing a name for your baby.

5. Celebrity Baby Names
Using Celebrity Baby Names to name your baby is a good idea. Famous people are creative and they often give their babies unique and handsome names.

6. How does the name sound?
Make sure that the name you choose has a good sound with your middle and last name. Say it aloud. Does it have a melody sound? Does it fit all together? Is it difficult to say? Pronounce it several times to be sure that it sounds nicely.

7. Name Origin
You shouldn't need to choose a name within your ethnicity. There are some really beautiful and cool baby names at the different origins.

8. What are the Initials?
Take care that the child's initials do not spell out something embarrassing. The name "Richard Allen Thomas" sounds melodious enough, but to mischievous shoolmates, "R.A.T." spells an opportunity to make fun.

9. The Last Name
When you choose a name for your child, you should consider the last name of the baby. If your last name is 'Ryan' you shouldn't choose first name 'Bryan'. Make sure that the name you choose have right sound with the last name.

10. Family and Friends Opinions
Feel free to ask your family members and friends about their favorite names and what they think about your variants. But don't let them influence you in selecting a name you do not like. Please remember, that is your mission to choose a name for your child and you have the last say.

We hope that some of these baby naming tips will help you choose the perfect baby name for your little one. Happy Baby Naming!

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