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Browse over 238 Polynesian Girl Names and Polynesian Boy Names

Polynesian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AfaPolynesianA hurricane; a wonder maker
AfeiPolynesianTo wrap around the body
AfuPolynesianRed-hot, roasting
AfuvalePolynesianA mulberry tree with too many shoot..
AhauanoPolynesianMany people
AhohakoPolynesianThe stormy day
AholeleiPolynesianThe suitable day
AholoPolynesianThe day of plenty
AhomanaPolynesianThe day of thunder, day of wonders
AhopomeePolynesianThe day of the night dance
AilinePolynesianTongan form of Irene (peace). See ..
AisakePolynesianTongan form of Isaac (he will laugh..
AiseaPolynesianTongan form of Isaiah (God is salva..
AkanesiPolynesianTongan form of Agnes (pure, chaste,..
AkoloPolynesianA town fence
AlamePolynesianA flower garland
AlekiPolynesianTongan form of Alex (defender, help..
AlipatePolynesianTongan form of Albert (bright throu..
AlisiPolynesianTongan form of Alice (noble one). S..
AmanakiPolynesianExpectation, hope
AmoPolynesianA waterspout, a whirlwind
AnaPolynesianA cave. Ana is also used as the Ton..
AnamaliaPolynesianTongan form of Anna Maria. See ANN..
AnePolynesianTongan form of Anne (gracious, merc..
AniteluPolynesianTongan form of Andrew (manly). See ..
AnitoniPolynesianTongan form of Anthony. See ANTHON..
AsenahanaPolynesianA beautiful red berry
EliliPolynesianThe periwinkle
EloniPolynesianTongan form of Aaron (the exalted o..
EmosiPolynesianTongan form of Amos (born). See AM..
FaingaPolynesianTo wrestle, to contend with
FaipaPolynesianTo prepare the fishhook for fishing..
FaivaPolynesianEntertainment, a game

Description of Polynesian Names
Polynesian Baby Names
Reports OF the idyllic, carefree lifestyle of Polynesia eventually prompted missionary groups to travel to the islands. Finding the relaxed, uninhibited lifestyle heathenish, they attempted to impose a completely new social order and set about turning the Polynesians away from their native religions, ceremonies, dances, and other customs which had been the basis of their way of life for thousands of years. Today, although the majority of the people are now Christian, they have successfully revived many of their native traditions and island culture thrives once again. This mix of Christianity and traditional beliefs is reflected in the types of names found in Polynesia. Nature and aspects of daily living form the basis for most native names. Since many of these names are used for both males and females, several have been separated simply according to traditional Western thoughts of masculinity and femininity. Also in common use are island forms of Bible names. As in Hawaii, these names are altered to fit in with the sounds and alphabets of the Polynesian languages.
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