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Korean Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Ae-ChaKoreanLoving daughter
Bon-HwaKoreanUtmost glory, most glorious
Bong-ChaKoreanSuperior daughter
Chin-HwaKoreanMost prosperous
Chin-SunKoreanComposed of characters meaning "pre..
Choon-HeeKoreanSpring girl
Chul-MooKoreanWeapon of iron
Chung-AeKoreanRighteous love
Chung-ChaKoreanRighteous daughter
Chung-HeeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "right..
Chung-HoKoreanRighteous lake
Dae-HoKoreanComposed from elements meaning "gre..
Dong-SunKoreanGoodness of the East
Dong-YulKoreanPassion of the East,
Duck-HwanKoreanVirtue returns
Duck-YoungKoreanVirtue is unchanging
Eun-KyungKoreanComposed of elements meaning "silve..
Hae-WonKoreanComposed of elements meaning "truth..
Hak-KunKoreanLiterate root
He-RanKoreanGrace and orchid
Hee-YoungKoreanComposed from characters meaning "p..
Ho-SookKoreanComposed of elements meaning "lake,..
Hwa-YoungKoreanComposed from characters meaning "b..
HyoKoreanFilial duty
Hyo-SonnKoreanDaughterly and gentle
Hyun-AeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "wise,..
Hyun-KiKoreanFoundation of wisdom
Hyun-OkKoreanComposed from elements meaning "wis..
Hyun-ShikKoreanRoots of wisdom
Il-SungKoreanComposed of elements meaning "super..
In-SuKoreanPreserving wisdom
Jae-HwaKoreanPile of beauty,
Jae-HwaKoreanPile of beauty,
Jin-KyongKoreanComposed of elements meaning "jewel..

Description of Korean Names
Korean Baby Names
THE TRADITIONAL Korean system of naming is very old and based on clan genealogy. The family name dictates the length of a multigenerational cycle of names. To each child and paternal cousin of the same sex and generation, one of these names is added to another element, creating a unique, yet related, double name. In some families this element is given to all the children regardless of the sex of the child. Female names are generally indicative of nature, goodness, or "feminine" qualities of grace and beauty. Male names often take the themes of strength, wisdom, and prosperity. As families become smaller and people move to metropolitan areas or migrate abroad, the traditional way of naming with the genealogical name is becoming less common. In such instances, parents have been known to arbitrarily choose a favored name element and apply it to each of their children's names.
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