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Japanese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AiJapaneseDerived from ai (love)
AikoJapaneseDerived from ai (love) and ko (chil..
AkahanaJapaneseDerived from the elements aka (red,..
AkakoJapaneseDerived from the Japanese aka (red)..
AkaneJapaneseMeaning "Bengali madder," a family ..
AkasukiJapaneseComposed from the elements aka (red..
AkemiJapaneseDawn of beauty
AkiJapaneseBorn in the autumn. Derived from ak..
AkihikoJapaneseBright boy
AkikoJapaneseMeaning "bright light." Among the n..
AkioJapaneseBright boy
AkiraJapaneseIntelligent, smart
AmayaJapaneseA name that means "night."
AnekoJapaneseMeaning "older sister."
AsaJapaneseDerived from asa (morning), this na..
AsakoJapaneseChild born in the morning
AsukaJapaneseAn optimistic name that means "swee..
AyaJapaneseMeaning "bright."
AyakaJapaneseMeaning "appealing."
AyakoJapaneseChild of damask,
AyameJapaneseDerived from ayame (iris)
AyamekoJapaneseDerived from ayame (iris) and ko (c..
AyanoJapaneseMeaning "pretty and successful."
AyumiJapanesePace, walk
AzamiJapaneseThe flower of a thistle
BachikoJapaneseHappy child,
BotanJapaneseBorrowed from the name of the peony..
ChikaJapaneseWisdom, intelligence
ChikakoJapaneseChild of wisdom
ChiyoJapaneseA thousand generations
ChiyokoJapaneseChild of a thousand generations
ChizuJapaneseA thousand storks
ChizukoJapaneseChild of a thousand storks

Description of Japanese Names
Japanese Baby Names
Originally, Japanese family names were used only by nobility, the military class, and those to whom the emperor granted the privilege. About fourteen hundred characters are used as first elements, to which about one hundred other characters, usually relating to topographical or landscape features, were added as final elements. Several clan names were also in use, but only by hereditary right or by special privilege. After 1868 and the abolishment of feudalism, the policy changed and all people were allowed a family name. Today, most of the surnames are derived from nature, but some are derived from occupations. Traditionally, male children are given a short, simple name in a ceremony six days following their birth. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, another ceremony is held and a formal name is given by which he will be known to all outside his family. In general, male names infer excellence, strength, and good luck. Number names are also common, some of which relate to birth order, long life, and good omens. While most female names are derived from words that have straightforward meanings, such as Jin (tenderness, gentleness), others have hidden meanings. For example, many names are derived from nature, but instead of having a literal meaning, these names are usually symbols of sought-after virtues or admirable qualities. The name Matsuko (pine tree child) is not bestowed upon a child because the parents like pine trees. Rather, it is symbolic of the parents' wish for their child to live a long life.
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