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Browse over 27 Bulgarian Girl Names and Bulgarian Boy Names

Bulgarian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AndreiBulgarianMeaning "manly."
CecilliaBulgarianA name inspired by the feminine for..
DevoraBulgarianA form of Deborah which means "be..
FidankaBulgarianTranslated literally, means "saplin..
FomaBulgarianWhich means "twin."
GedeonBulgarianMeaning "tree cutter."
GrigoriBulgarianMeaning "vigilant."
IgilkaBulgarianA name that means "primrose."
IustinBulgarianMeaning "just."
KirBulgarianMeaning "sun."
KiraBulgarianMeaning "throne."
LilianaBulgarianMeaning "lily," as in the flower. T..
LoanBulgarianMeaning "God is gracious."
LucineBulgarianA name that means "to glitter" or "..
MarketaBulgarianA form of Margaret, a name that m..
MataiBulgarianMeaning "God is a gift."
MihailBulgarianWhich means "who is like God."
MladenBulgarianA name meaning "young."
PetrBulgarianMeaning "rock."
PiotrBulgarianAmong notable people with this name..
RabilBulgarianA form of the Hebrew name Rach..
RadkaBulgarianA name that means "happiness."
SnezhanaBulgarianA name that means "snowflake."
TemenuzhaBulgarianA name inspired by the "violet," a ..
VeniamiriBulgarianA form of Benjamin, which means "..
VioletaBulgarianA name inspired by the beautiful vi..
ZnivoinBulgarianMeaning "warrior."

Description of Bulgarian Names
Bulgarian Baby Names
In the middle of the second millennium B.C., the Thracian civilization dominated what is today known as Bulgaria. Like Turkey and Afghanistan, Bulgaria has distinguished itself as a crossroads of peoples. The cultural identity of modern Bulgaria began to emerge following two victories over the Byzantine Empire in a.d. 680 and 681. Bulgarian is a Slavic language that continues to use the Cyrillic alphabet. Since the fall of communism, the general trend for many parents is to select more traditional Christian names for their children.
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