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German Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbelardGermanThis name means "highborn and stead..
AbigailGermanFrom the Hebrew Avigayil, which is ..
AdaGermanA pet form of Adele (noble) and A..
AdalGermanDerived from the Old High German ad..
AdalheidGermanDerived from the medieval Germanic ..
AdaliaGermanMeaning "noble."
AdalrichGermanCompound name composed from the ele..
AdamGermanDerived from the Hebrew adama (red ..
AddieGermanA familiar form of Adelaide and ..
AdelaideGermanVariant of Adalheid (noble one). Se..
AdelardGermanMeaning "noble eagle."
AdelbertGermanDerived from the Old High German Ad..
AdeleGermanShort form of any of the various Ge..
AdelleGermanA short form of Adelaide. Notable..
AdlerGermanMeaning "eagle."
AdriaGermanFeminine form of Adrian, which is..
AdrianGermanFrom the Latin Adrianus (man from t..
AgatheGermanDerived from the Greek Agathe, whic..
AgnaGermanA pet form of Agnethe (pure, chas..
AgnesGermanLatinized form of the Greek Hagne (..
AgnetheGermanGerman cognate of Agnes, which is d..
AinaliaGermanAn alternate form of Amelia, whic..
AirneryGermanAn alternate form of Emery, which..
Al-VanGermanAn alternate form of Alvin
AlaricGermanA name that means "ruler of all."
AlbertGermanMeaning "highborn and bright." Famo..
AlbertaGermanFeminine form of Albert, which is..
AldaGermanMeaning "old; elder." A feminine fo..
AlderGermanThis name signifies "alder tree."
AldousGermanMeaning "old friends." See Alden, a..
AlenaGermanOriginally a short form of Magdalen..
AlexGermanShort form of Alexander (defender..
AlexaGermanShort form of Alexandra (defender o..
AlexanderGermanFrom the Greek Alexandras (defender..
AlexandraGermanPopular name derived from the Greek..

Description of German Names
German Baby Names
THE GERMANIC language evolved out of the old Indo-European tongue and continued to evolve over the centuries into twelve modern languages. This old language is a source of hundreds of names found in the nomenclature of many other countries, yet few foreign names found their way into German society until recently. Early Germans preferred names that reflected their warfaring ways, and surnames and family names were unknown. Given names were usually compound and expressive of a specific idea. The root names were often derived from mythology, animals, terms relating to war and peace, nature, and social status. When the trend developed to establish parentage by bestowing names made up from elements of those of the parents, many nonsensical names were coined and the meanings of the names were no longer that important. Before surnames were established, families quite often distinguished themselves by having the name of each member bear the same first syllable. As surnames developed, they were taken from traditional sources: places, occupational names, descriptive names, animals, and patronymics. The majority are derived from places. Under Hitler's regime, the bestowal of names was strictly censored. A list of names was established and it was illegal to give a child a name that was not on the approved list. If a child was given two names, parents had to specify which was to be used on a daily basis. Nicknames were not allowed, with the exception of very popular ones, which were commonly bestowed as independent given names. Jewish people were made to adopt both first and last names that were specifically "Jewish sounding." Thankfully, these restrictions have since been dropped. Modern naming trends show many old names from early German mythology are now going out of fashion. Names from the Low German dialects of northern Germany are becoming popular throughout the country, as are foreign names. Parents in the eastern areas are bestowing many Slavonic names upon their children, and in the western part of the country, names are heavily influenced by French. The continued influence of the Catholic Church in- southern Germany helps keep many saints' names in common use.
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