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American Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AaliyahAmericanA variant of the Hebrew Aliyah..
AbiAmericanShort form of any of the names begi..
AbileneAmericanBorrowed from the name of a Texas c..
AdalineAmericanA borrowing from the French, Adalin..
AdamAmericanDerived from the Hebrew adama (..
AddyAmericanA pet form of any of the names begi..
AdrienneAmericanFrench feminine form of Adrien, whi..
AidanAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish Aodhan..
AiyanaAmerican"Forever flowering."
AlAmericanShort form of any of the various na..
AlainaAmericanVariant form of Elaine, a French ..
AlanAmericanCeltic name of uncertain derivation..
AlcindaAmericanModern coinage of uncertain derivat..
AldenAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..
AlecAmericanScottish form of Alex, a short fo..
AlexAmericanShort form of any of the names begi..
AlexAmericanShort form of any of the names begi..
AlexaAmericanShort form of Alexandra (defender..
AlexanderAmericanDerived from the Greek Alexand..
AlexandraAmericanFeminine form of Alexander (defen..
AlexisAmericanDerived from the Greek alexein (to ..
AliciaAmericanLatinate form of Alice (nobility)..
AlisonAmericanMatronymic meaning "son of Alice." ..
AllieAmericanPet form of any of the various name..
AlyssaAmericanVariant form of Alicia (nobility)..
AmandaAmericanDerived from the Latin amanda (lova..
AmberAmericanDerived from amber, which denotes a..
AmberleeAmericanModern combination name formed from..
AmberlyAmericanA form of Amber
AmileeAmericanCombination name composed from the ..
AmyAmericanFrom the Middle English Amye, which..
AnabaAmericanMeaning "she returns from war."
AndreaAmericanFeminine form of the Greek And..
AndrewAmericanEnglish form of the Greek Andr..
AndyAmericanA short form of Andrea, meaning "..

Description of American Names
American Baby Names
THE UNITED States is a mosaic of ethnic origins, and nowhere is this more keenly observed than in types of names used in this country. Currently, about forty-four separate ancestry groups are represented in the United States, and all have given their share of names to society. Many of these names have been Americanized to fit the sounds of the English language, and in most cases diacritical marks, so important to other languages but unknown to our own, have been dropped. Because of the prejudice aimed at new arrivals, the Scottish and Irish often dropped the Mac and O prefixes from their names. Since many immigrants were illiterate and had no knowledge of the true spellings of their names, immigration officials usually spelled them as best as they could or even assigned different ones. For boys, common Bible names have been popular for many years. Many that were considered old-fashioned just a short time ago, such as Jedidiah and Noah, are making a reappearance. Some of these are shortened into single-syllable "strong-sounding" names such as Jed from Jedidiah and Jake from Jacob. It is interesting to note that a large number of male names, such as Bradford, Kirk, and Taylor, actually originated as English surnames. Another current naming trend points toward the use of topographical features and place-names, such as Ridge, Lake, Dakota, and Dallas. These types of names, as well as increased usage of foreign names, classical Latin names, and names from mythology, have led to a decrease in the bestowal of common Teutonic names, such as Walter and Albert. For girls, the types of names being used today have also changed. One of the most significant trends is the use of surnames for female given names. Originally a southern tradition, the practice has spread throughout the country. Most often, it is the first-born daughter who is given the mother's maiden name as a first or middle name. However, names unrelated to those of the parents are also being used, and it is no longer considered unusual to find girls named Blair, Carter, or Madison. With the exception of Rose, flower and related names such as Pansy and Violet have been exchanged for such names as Holly, Ivy, and Willow. Jewel names like Opal, Pearl, and Ruby are usurped by Amber, Jade, and Chalcedony. Another fast-growing trend is the use of modern coinages. Quite often these names are formed by using elements from the names of parents or relatives, or they are based on popular name elements such as Sha- or -ana.
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