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Browse over 23 South African Girl Names and South African Boy Names

South African Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AyizeSouth Afric..Translated as "let it happen."
DinganeSouth Afric..Meaning "searcher." Dingane succeed..
DzikoSouth Afric..A name that signifies "the world."
GanyaSouth Afric..A name that means "clever."
GogoSouth Afric..Meaning "like grandfather."
MafuaneSouth Afric..Meaning "soil."
MandisaSouth Afric..Meaning "sweet."
NkosazanaSouth Afric..Meaning "princess."
NkosiSouth Afric..Meaning "ruler." Chicks Nkosi is a ..
NolizweSouth Afric..Meaning "the nation."
NombekoSouth Afric..Meaning "respect."
NombleSouth Afric..Meaning "beauty."
NomuulaSouth Afric..Meaning "rain."
NoncebaSouth Afric..Meaning "mercy."
PakiSouth Afric..Meaning "a witness."
SarafiiiaSouth Afric..Meaning "burning passion." Sarafina..
ShakaSouth Afric..Meaning "founder" or "first." Shaka..
SigidiSouth Afric..Meaning "one thousand."
SiphoSouth Afric..Meaning "present." Sipho Sepamla is..
SipliwoSouth Afric..Meaning "a gift."
ThandiweSouth Afric..Meaning "beloved."
ThembaSouth Afric..Meaning "hope."
UukaSouth Afric..Meaning "arise."

Description of South African Names
South African Baby Names
At the southern tip of the continent, South Africa boasts a land that is geographically diverse as well as enormously rich in natural resources—in particular, gold and gem diamonds. An historically attractive region for various European settlers, the nation's population is today composed of numerous multiethnic and multiracial groups, including black Africans, whites, Coloureds (people of mixed race), and Asians (predominantly Indians). Under apartheid, the political system of racial segregation, English and Afrikaans were considered the country's official languages. English currently continues to be used in most educational institutions; however, with the end of apartheid in 1994, an additional nine African languages have been officially recognized.
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