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Browse over 271 Mythology and Astrology Girl Names and Mythology and Astrology Boy Names

Mythology and Astrology Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AcestesMythology a..From Greek mythology, Acestes is a ..
AchatesMythology a..Derived from the Greek Achates (aga..
AchelousMythology a..Derived from the Greek Achelous, th..
AcheronMythology a..Derived from the Greek achos (pain)..
AchillesMythology a..Derived from Achilleus, an ancient ..
ActaeonMythology a..Derived from the Greek Aktaion (an ..
AdadMythology a..From Assyro-Babylonian mythology, A..
AdapaMythology a..The name of a mortal who was create..
AditiMythology a..From Indian mythology, Aditi was th..
AdmeteMythology a..From Greek mythology, Admete was th..
AdoniaMythology a..The Greek and Roman ceremonial fest..
AdonisMythology a..From Greek and Roman mythology, Ado..
AdrasteaMythology a..From Greek mythology, Adrastea was ..
AeacusMythology a..From the Greek Aiakos, a name of un..
AegeusMythology a..From the Greek Aigeus, an evolution..
AeginaMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by a nymph..
AegisMythology a..From the Greek aigis (the goatskin ..
AegleMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by one of ..
AegyptusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Aegyptus was ..
AeolusMythology a..Derived from the Greek Alolos (the ..
AesonMythology a..Of unknown etymology, Aeson was the..
AethraMythology a..From Greek mythology, the name Aeth..
AganjuMythology a..From African mythology, Aganju is t..
AglaiaMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by the you..
AinoMythology a..From Finnish mythology, Aino was th..
AjaxMythology a..Derived from the Greek Aias (alas)...
AlalaMythology a..From Roman mythology, Alala was the..
AlcestisMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by the dau..
AlcyoneusMythology a..Derived from the Latin alcyon (a ki..
AlimaMythology a..Astrological name for children born..
AlnelasMythology a..Derived from the Greek ainein (to p..
AlpheusMythology a..From the Greek Alpheios (the white ..
AlthaeaMythology a..From the Greek althaia (healer). Th..
AmaltheaMythology a..From Greek mythology, Amalthea was ..
AmberMythology a..The name of a honey-colored translu..

Description of Mythology and Astrology Names
Mythology and Astrology Baby Names
Not ONLY is mythology a collection of interesting stories about the pursuits and exploits of ancient gods, heroes and heroines, it is also an important means of seeing the foundations that different cultures developed upon. In many European countries, names from mythology have become common to the pool of names in use. The Scandinavians have determinedly held on to their stock of names taken from popular gods and heroes, and Arthurian legend has given many names that remain popular to this day. The U.S. has its own body of legend and lore, but names from these are nearly all of European origin and have entered the name pool from other sources. Currently, there is a renewed interest in the bestowal of names from mythology, and many of these are of Greek and Roman origin. Those interested in astrology are often searching for interesting names to use that reflect the birth signs of their children. If a child is born under a water sign, such as Pisces, "water" names such as Oceana, Marina, or Lake might be chosen. Earth signs might choose a name such as Terra. Other possibilities are the names of the archangels assigned to watch over those born under the different months, or perhaps names from birthstones or colors associated with the zodiac. A good astrological guide can be of great help and provide the inspiration for choosing a suitable name.
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