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Browse over 77 Czech Girl Names and Czech Boy Names

Czech Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AdamecCzechA form of the Hebrew name Adam,..
AloisCzechA form of Aloysius, which means "..
AnezkaCzechA form of Hannah, which means "gr..
AnikaCzechMeaning "full of grace."
AnnaCzechA form of Hannah, which means "gr..
ArnoCzechA short form of Ernest, which mea..
BedrikhCzechMeaning "comrade." A notable Bedrik..
BelaCzechMeaning "white."
BobekCzechA Czech form of Robert, which means..
BohuslavCzechLiterally means "glory to God." A n..
DanoCzechA form of the Hebrew name Dani..
DurkoCzechA Czech variation of the name Geor..
DushanCzechA name that means "heartfelt," or "..
EdoCzechA Czech alternative to the name Edw..
EmailCzechTranslated literally, means "God is..
ErichCzechMeaning "popular." A form of the po..
EvaCzechA form of the Hebrew name Eve..
EzvenCzechMeaning "born well."
FialaCzechMeaning "violet flower."
FrantisekCzechMeaning "free man." A variation on ..
GizellaCzechA form of Giselle, which means "p..
HanusCzechMeaning "God is kind."
HolicCzechA name that means "barber."
HonxaCzechMeaning "God is kind."
ImricliCzechMeaning "home ruler."
IolantaCzechMeaning "glorious" and "notable."
IzakCzechMeaning "he laughs."
JancoCzechMeaning "God is kind."
JaroslavCzechTranslated literally, means "glory ..
JenkaCzechMeaning "God's gracious gift."
JindraCzechMeaning "commander" or "leader."
JiriCzechMeaning "farmer."
JirinaCzechA form of the Latin name Georgia,..
JosefCzechMeaning "he will increase," or "add..
JulianaCzechA form of the Latin name Julia, w..

Description of Czech Names
Czech Baby Names
Czech is Part of the western Slavonic family of languages. Although it resembles Latin in many ways, it is closely related to the Baltic languages. The most recent ancestor of Old Czech is Old Church Slavonic. Czech uses the Roman alphabet. The Czech people have been greatly affected by long years of occupation and the political influence of the Germans, Austrians, and, most recently, the Russians. Dialectic differences can be found in this relatively small country, most notably in the two major geographical regions of Moravia (the eastern third of the country), which prides itself in correct, precise pronunciation, and Bohemia (the western part of the country), where there is often a tendency to shorten vowel sounds. With the fall of communism, there has been a tendency toward giving children names that are variants of western European or American names.
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