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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbbondioItalianFrom the Late Latin Abundius, which..
AbramoItalianDerived from the Hebrew Abram, a va..
AchilleoItalianDerived from the Greek Achillios, w..
AdalgisaItalianCompound name of Germanic origin, w..
AdamoItalianItalian form of Adam, which is deri..
AddolorataItalianDerived from the Italian addolorato..
AdrianItalianFrom the Latin Adrianus (man from t..
AdrianaItalianFeminine form of Adriano (man fro..
AdrianoItalianThe name is derived from the Italia..
AegleItalianAncient name derived from the Latin..
AemiliaItalianFrom Aemilius, an old Roman family ..
AeneasItalianDerived from the Greek Aineias, an ..
AgataItalianItalian form of the Greek Agathe, w..
AgnellaItalianDerived from the Greek hagnos (chas..
AgneseItalianPopular name derived from the Greek..
AidaItalianA name of uncertain derivation used..
AlbaItalianDerived from the Italian alba (dawn..
AlbertaItalianFeminine form of Alberto (bright ..
AlbertoItalianItalian cognate of Albert (bright t..
AlbinaItalianFrom the Latin Albinus, which is fr..
AldoItalianPopular name of Germanic origin bel..
AlessaItalianA short form of Alessandra (defende..
AlessandraItalianFeminine form of Alessandro, the ..
AlessandroItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Alexan..
AlessiaItalianItalian form of the Greek Alexia, w..
AlessioItalianA short form of Alessandro (defende..
AlfonsoItalianItalian cognate of Alphonse, which ..
AllegraItalianDerived from the Italian allegro (m..
AlonzaItalianFeminine form of Alonzo, a varian..
AlthaeaItalianLatin name derived from the Greek A..
AmaraItalianDerived from the Latin amarantus (u..
AmatoItalianDerived from Amata (beloved, darlin..
AmbrogioItalianItalian form of the Late Latin Ambr..
AmedeoItalianDerived from the Latin Amadeus, a c..
AmerigoItalianItalian variant of Enrico (ruler of..

Description of Italian Names
Italian Baby Names
THE COUNTRY of Italy has a rich and ancient history with influences from cultures and regions as varied as Spain, Gaul, Germany, ancient Greece, and northern Africa, but in spite of the large number of different peoples that have migrated to Italy, only two groups besides the Romans have had any lasting effect on Italian nomenclature—the Greeks and the Germans. Though the immigrants usually abandoned their native languages in favor of Latin, these groups retained and continued to use Teutonic and Greek names. Thus, a large number of present-day Italian names have their roots in these languages. Many infants are traditionally named after relatives, living or dead. This custom was well established in the late Middle Ages, and given names were often handed down in rigid order. The name of the paternal grandfather was bestowed upon the first male child; the second male was given the name of his maternal grandfather; the father's name belonged to the third son; a fourth son took the name of his paternal greatgrandfather. The first daughter took the name of the paternal grandmother; the second, that of the maternal grandmother; the third, the name of the mother; the fourth daughter was given the name of the paternal great-grandmother. Additional children were given the names of paternal and maternal grandun-cles and grandaunts. Today, although the old system of naming is still quite common throughout Italy and remains the Names norm in many parts of the country, it is not followed as rigidly as in the past. Instead, many parents choose to bestow the name of their choice upon their children. Those who decide to break from tradition and give their child a name other than that of a family member often turn to the Catholic Calendar of Saints for a suitable name. Saints' names are also used without regard to the calendar, especially if the chosen saint is among those that are especially admired. The cult of the Virgin Mary is still popular in Italy, and many female children are named Maria or are given one of the numerous designations of the Virgin, such as Annunziata, Concetta, and Dolores. These names are also used in masculine form and are bestowed upon male infants in honor of the Virgin and to bring them under her protection. Italians were the first to use Maria as a masculine middle name—a practice that is now common throughout Europe. In addition to religious names, the Italian people are fond of using the names of popular rulers of all countries for their children. This practice extends to using the names of important artists, authors, fictional characters, military leaders, movie stars, and honored scientists. In common with many other societies, names derived from personal characteristics and nature names are also popular. Surnames came into use and became hereditary in Venice in the tenth or eleventh century. Over the course of eight hundred years they became established throughout the country. The first surnames evolved from personal names and descriptive nicknames, many of which were quite unflattering, such as Nasuto (large nose) or Gallina (chicken, timid). Patronymics, matronymics, and names based on occupation or place of origin form the bulk of the rest of the surnames.
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