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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AaronPolishDerived from the Hebrew aharan (the..
AbrahamPolishDerived from the Hebrew Avraham (fa..
AdamPolishDerived from the Hebrew adama (red ..
AdelaPolishShort form of any of the various Ge..
AdelajdaPolishPolish form of Adelaide (nobility),..
AdelinaPolishA borrowing from the French, Adelin..
AdolfPolishA borrowing from the German, Adolf ..
AdrianPolishA borrowing from the English, Adria..
AgataPolishPolish form of the Greek Agathe, a ..
AgnieszkaPolishPolish form of Agnes, which is a po..
AlbertPolishDerived from the Old High German Ad..
AlbertaPolishFeminine form of Albert, which is d..
AlbinPolishFrom the Latin Albinus (white), whi..
AlbinkaPolishDerived from the Latin Albina, a fe..
AldonaPolishFeminine form of Aldo, an Italian..
AleksanderPolishPopular name derived from the Greek..
AleksandraPolishFeminine form of Aleksander (defend..
AleksyPolishPolish cognate of Alexius, a name d..
AlfonsPolishPolish form of Alphonse (noble and ..
AlfredPolishA borrowing from the English, Alfre..
AlicjaPolishPolish form of Alicia, which is a L..
AlinaPolishA borrowing from the German, Alina ..
AlkaPolishA pet form of Adelajda (noble one),..
AlojzyPolishPolish cognate of Aloysius, a Latin..
AlteaPolishFrom the Latin Althaea, which is fr..
AmaliaPolishA borrowing from the German, Amalia..
AmbrozyPolishPolish cognate of the Greek Ambrosi..
AnastazjaPolishFrom the Russian Anastasia, which i..
AnatolPolishPolish form of the Greek Anatolios,..
AndrosPolishMeaning "sea." Andros is a mytholog..
AndrzejPolishPolish cognate of the Greek Andreas..
AndzelikaPolishPolish form of the English Angelica..
AnielaPolishPolish form of Angela, a Latinate f..
AniolPolishPolish cognate of Angel, which is f..
AnnaPolishA popular name throughout Europe, A..

Description of Polish Names
Polish Baby Names
After BEING introduced to Christianity in 966, Poland today remains 95 percent Roman Catholic. Thus, it is not unexpected to see that many popular names are taken from the Bible or from beloved saints of the church, in addition to traditional Polish names and those taken from popular kings and queens. Diminutive forms of names are quite popular, and most children are addressed by a diminutive or nickname rather than their formal first name. German domination in World War II also influenced the bestowal of names in Poland. During the occupation, many German names were given to Polish children. However, after the end of the war, anti-German sentiment was high and those with German surnames hastened to change them. German names in general became greatly disfavored. The first surnames in Poland started out as appellations used by the wealthy to connect themselves with their estates. The suffix ski or -chi was added to the name to indicate nobility. By the 16th century, 75 percent of the nobility possessed surnames having this termination. Polish kings often granted the right to use the suffix as a reward for those showing honorable or valorous service. In time, the lower classes began applying the suffix to personal names, and it came to be thought of as meaning "son of." The terminations -ak, -ck, -czak, -czek, -czyk, and -yk are diminutives. Women's surnames end in -a. Many Polish immigrants to the United States added the termination ski to their surnames, in the hope of achieving prestige among fellow immigrants who knew nothing of their family background.
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