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Nigerian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbagebeNigerianTranslates as "we begged to have th..
AbayomiNigerianA name that suggests a "pleasant me..
AbebiNigerianMeaning "we asked for her."
AbejeNigerianMeaning "we asked to have this one...
AbeniNigerianMeaning "we asked for her, and she ..
AbeoNigerianMeaning "her birth brings happiness..
AbiadeNigerianMeaning "born of royal parents."
AbidemiNigerianMeaning "born during father's absen..
AbimbolaNigerianMeaning "born to be rich." Wande Ab..
AbiolaNigerianMeaning "born in honor." Mashood Ab..
AdannaNigerianMeaning "her father's daughter."
AdeNigerianMeaning "royal" or "king." One nota..
AdebomiNigerianMeaning "a crown covered my nakedne..
AdedagboNigerianMeaning "happiness is a crown."
AdedeweNigerianTranslated literally, means "the cr..
AdedojNigerianMeaning "a crown becomes a thing of..
AdelekeNigerianMeaning "a crown achieves happiness..
AdeolaNigerianMeaning "a crown has honor."
AderinolaNigerianLiterally translated, "a crown walk..
AdesimboNigerianMeaning "of noble birth."
AdiaNigerianA name that means "a gift."
AdukeNigerianMeaning "much loved." Aduke Alakija..
AguNigerianMeaning "leopard."
AinaNigerianMeaning "difficult birth."
AiyetoroNigerianMeaning "peace on earth."
AjalaNigerianA name that means "potter."
AkankeNigerianMeaning "to meet her is to love her..
AlabaNigerianMeaning "the second child born afte..
AlakeNigerianLiterally translated, "one to be pe..
AmadiNigerianMeaning "general rejoicing."
ArriaNigerianMeaning "slender."
AsabiNigerianMeaning "she is of choice birth."
AutaNigerianMeaning "the last born."
AyindeNigerianLiterally translated as "we praised..

Description of Nigerian Names
Nigerian Baby Names
With more than 100 million inhabitants, Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation. Early cultures in Nigeria, including the civilizations of the Ibo, Benin, Hausa, and Yoruba, date back to at least 700 B.C., with great cities at Ife, in the Yoruba area and in the country's northern region. Its size and location make Nigeria one of the continent's most diverse countries in terms of ethnic, religious, and cultural composition, which at times produced serious difficulties among the various factions. It is a nation that has produced many great artists, including Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, musician Fela Kuti, and playwright Ken Saro Wiwa Ogoni.
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