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Russian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AbramRussianA borrowing from the Hebrew, Abram ..
AdelaideRussianVariant form of the German Adalheid..
AdrianRussianFrom the Latin Adrianus (man from t..
AdyaRussianCommon pet form of various names be..
AfanasiRussianDerived from the Greek Athanasios, ..
AfansyRussianMeaning "immortal."
AgafiyaRussianDerived from the Greek agathos (goo..
AgafonRussianDerived from the Greek agathos (goo..
AgnessaRussianRussian form of Agnes, a cognate ..
AgrafenaRussianRussian form of the Latin Agrippin..
AgrippinaRussianAn old Roman family name derived fr..
AkimRussianRussian form of Joachim, a cognate ..
AkulinaRussianDerived from the Late Latin Aquilin..
AlbinaRussianFeminine form of Albin, a derivat..
AlekRussianA short form of Aleksandr and Aleks..
AleksandrRussianDerived from the Greek Alexandras, ..
AleksandraRussianRussian cognate of Alexandra, the..
AlekseiRussianDerived from the Greek Alexios (def..
AlenaRussianMeaning "light."
AlinaRussianA borrowing from the German, Alina ..
AmaliyaRussianDerived from the German Amalia (ind..
AmbrossijRussianDerived from the Greek Ambrosios, a..
AnastasijiaRussianFrom the Greek, meaning "resurrecti..
AnastasiyaRussianFeminine form of the Greek Anastasi..
AnatoliRussianDerived from the Greek Anatolios, a..
AndreiRussianRussian form of Andrew, a cognate..
AngelaRussianLatinate form of Angel (messenger o..
AngelicaRussianDerived from the Latin angelicus an..
AngelikaRussianMeaning "angel" or "messenger." Amo..
AngelinaRussianDiminutive form of Angela, a name..
AnikitaRussianDerived from the Greek Aniketos (un..
AnisimRussianDerived from the Greek Onesimos (us..
AnnaRussianDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, w..
AntonRussianRussian cognate of Anthony, a name ..
AntoninaRussianFrom the name of the Roman emperor ..

Description of Russian Names
Russian Baby Names
FROM MEDIEVAL times through the introduction of communism in 1917, the Orthodox Church has had a great influence on Russian society, and through it, a great number of names of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origin have entered popular usage. The Russian Revolution of 1917 brought many social changes, and the bestowal of names was affected as well. Favored names of saints were discouraged, and parents were urged to choose names suggestive of the new way of things. In spite of this, certain traditional names remained popular. Today, Russians use three names: a given name, a patronymic, and a surname. The patronymic was originally used only by princes and the nobility. Now it is common to all the people. When a person reaches the age of sixteen, he or she is regarded as entering into adulthood. It is at this time that a person is addressed formally by his or her given name and patronymic, much as the titles Ms., Miss, Mrs., and Mr. are used in the United States as a sign of respect. The patronymic consists of the father's given name to which the ending -ovich (son of) is added for a male, and -ovruz or -evna (daughter of) for a female. Russian surnames developed around the 15th century, in much the same way as other European surnames. Many are derived from place-names, nicknames, and occupational names. Others are taken from nature, as in the names of animals, birds, and landscape features. There are also the common patronymical surnames. The majority of surnames end in the terminations -ev, -ov, or -in. Other terminations include -sky, 4k, -oy, 4ch, and -ovich. Upon marriage, a couple may either retain their individual surnames or share one of the names. If both individual names are kept, the parents decide which name their children will have. Russian names are remarkable for their many pet forms and diminutives, which are commonly used in everyday speech in place of the formal given name.
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