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Browse over 87 Rumanian Girl Names and Rumanian Boy Names

Rumanian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AdrianRumanianFrom the Latin Adrianus (man from t..
AlexanderRumanianDerived from the Greek Alexandras..
AliciaRumanianLatinate form of Alice (truthful, n..
AlinaRumanianA name that means "to soothe."
AmeliaRumanianA form of the name Amelia, which ..
AnaRumanianRumanian form of Anna, which is f..
AndreiRumanianRumanian cognate of Andrew, which i..
AngelikaRumanianA borrowing from the German, Angeli..
AnicutaRumanianA form of the Hebrew name Hann..
AntonRumanianRumanian form of Anthony, which is ..
ArturRumanianA form of the name Arthur, meaning ..
BeatrixRumanianDerived from the Latin beatrix (she..
BelaRumanianA borrowing from the Hungarian, Bel..
BenedikteRumanianDerived from the Latin Benedictu (b..
BorisRumanianA borrowing from the Russian, Boris..
BrigitaRumanianRumanian form of Birgitta, which is..
CarolRumanianRumanian form of Charles (full-grow..
CristoforRumanianFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Ch..
DanielRumanianDerived from the Hebrew darnel (God..
DanielaRumanianFeminine form of Daniel (God is my ..
DemetriRumanianDerived from the Greek Demetrios ..
DieRumanianA form of the name Richard, which..
DolRumanianMeaning "gift of God." A form of th..
DominikRumanianFrom the Latin Dominicus (belonging..
DorotaRumanianRumanian form of the Greek Dorothea..
EcaterinaRumanianRumanian cognate of the Greek Aikat..
ElenaRumanianA popular name, Elena is the Rumani..
ElicaRumanianA form of the German name Adel..
ElisabetaRumanianRumanian form of Elizabeth, which i..
EmaRumanianMeaning "beloved."
EmilRumanianA borrowing from the German, Emil i..
EnricRumanianA form of the name Henry, which m..
FelixRumanianDerived from the Latin felix (lucky..
FerdinandRumanianFrom the Spanish Ferdinando, whic..
FranciseRumanianMeaning "free" or "from France."

Description of Rumanian Names
Rumanian Baby Names
THE MODERN country of Romania originated when the kingdom of Dacia became a Roman province in the 2nd century. At this time, the Rumanian language was born out of a mix of Vulgar Latin and native tongues. Following the departure of the legionnaires, the area was invaded by various Germanic and Slavic tribes, the Bulgarians, and the Magyars. All levels of society were affected as people began to trade and intermarry. The Rumanian names found today are the legacy of these different cultural groups. German names, Hungarian names, and names of Latin and Slavic origin are quite common. As in other countries with a Catholic tradition, many names are taken from those of popular saints and historical figures. Also popular are borrowings from other countries, in particular, those from the former Communist bloc.
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