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Most Popular Names
Year: Popularity: Gender:
Most Popular Boy & Girl Baby Names for 2006 year.
P. Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
1.JacobAmericanFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Lat..
1.EmilyAmericanFrom the Latin Aemilia, a deri..
2.MichaelAmericanDerived from the Hebrew mi..
2.EmmaEnglishVariant of the Germanic Erma..
3.JoshuaAmericanDerived from the Hebrew Yehos..
3.MadisonAmericanTransferred use of the English..
4.EthanAmericanEcclesiastic Late Latin name d..
4.IsabellaItalianA borrowing from the Spanish, ..
5.MatthewAmericanEvolution of the Middle Englis..
5.AvaEnglishOf uncertain origin and meanin..
6.DanielAmericanDerived from the Hebrew dani'e..
6.AbigailBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew avigay..
7.ChristopherAmericanDerived from the Ecclesiastic ..
7.OliviaAmericanElaboration of Olive (olive tr..
8.AndrewAmericanEnglish form of the Greek ..
8.HannahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hannah..
9.AnthonyAmericanDerived from the Latin Antoniu..
9.SophiaEnglishA borrowing from the Greek, So..
10.WilliamAmericanFrom the Old Norman French Wil..
10.SamanthaAmericanFeminine form of Samuel (nam..
11.JosephAmericanEcclesiastic Late Latin form o..
11.ElizabethEnglishDerived from the Hebrew etishe..
12.AlexanderAmericanDerived from the Greek Al..
12.AshleyAmericanOriginated as a surname derive..
13.DavidAmericanFrom the Hebrew david (beloved..
13.MiaGermanA pet form of Maria, Mia is al..
14.RyanAmericanFrom the Irish surname O'Riain..
14.AlexisAmericanDerived from the Greek alexein..
15.NoahAmericanDerived from the Hebrew noach ..
15.SarahAmericanDerived from the Hebrew sarah ..
16.JamesAmericanFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Lat..
16.NatalieEnglishFrom the Latin Natalia, a name..
17.NicholasAmericanDerived from the Greek Nikola..
17.GraceBiblicalDerived from the Latin gratia ..
18.TylerAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
18.ChloeBiblicalDerived from the Greek khloe (..
19.LoganAmericanTransferred use of the Irish s..
19.AlyssaAmericanVariant form of Alicia (nobi..
20.JohnAmericanDerived from the Middle Latin ..
20.BriannaAmericanFeminine form of Brian, a na..
21.ChristianAmericanDerived from the Late Latin ch..
21.EllaEnglishBrought to England by the Norm..
22.JonathanAmericanDerived from the Hebrew Yonata..
22.TaylorAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
23.NathanAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Hebrew ndthdn..
23.AnnaAmericanCognate of the Hebrew Han..
24.BenjaminAmericanDerived from the Hebrew bi..
24.LaurenAmericanEnglish cognate of the French ..
25.SamuelAmericanEcclesiastic Late Latin form o..
26.DylanAmericanA borrowing from the Welsh, Dy..
26.KaylaHebrewAn alternate form of Kaela and..
27.BrandonAmericanVariant form of Branton, a s..
27.AddisonEnglishTransferred use of the surname..
28.GabrielAmericanDerived from the Hebrew gavhrt..
28.VictoriaEnglishDerived from the Latin victori..
29.ElijahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew 'eliya..
29.JasmineAfrican-Ame..Taken from the name of the tro..
30.AidenIrishAnglicized form of Aodhan (lit..
30.SavannahAmericanDerived from the Spanish saban..
31.AngelEnglishDerived from angel (messenger ..
31.JuliaBiblicalFeminine form of Julius (dow..
32.JosePortuguesePortuguese cognate of Joseph, ..
32.JessicaAmericanA name of uncertain origin and..
33.ZacharyAmericanEnglish cognate of Zacharias..
33.LilyBiblicalGeneral name used in the Bible..
34.CalebBiblicalHebrew name meaning "a dog..
34.SydneyFrenchA feminine form of Sidney, w..
35.JackAmericanOriginally a pet form of John..
35.MorganAmericanFrom the Old Welsh Morcant, a ..
36.JacksonAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
36.KatherineEnglishCognate of the Greek Aikaterin..
37.KevinAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish G..
37.DestinyAmericanDerived from destiny (fate)
38.GavinEnglishOf uncertain etymology, some b..
38.LillianEnglishDerived from the older Lilion,..
39.MasonAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
39.AlexaAmericanShort form of Alexandra (def..
40.IsaiahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yesha ..
40.AlexandraAmericanFeminine form of Alexander (..
41.AustinAmericanContracted form of Augustine (..
41.KaitlynIrishAn alternate form of Cathleen,..
42.EvanAmericanAnglicized form of the Gaelic ..
42.KayleeAmericanMeaning "pasture by the spring..
43.LukeAmericanMiddle English and Anglo-Frenc..
44.AidanAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish A..
44.BrookeAmericanDerived from the Middle Englis..
45.JustinAmericanFrom the Latin JustTnus, which..
45.MakaylaAmericanFrom the Hebrew for "Who is li..
46.JordanAmericanDerived from the Hebrew Yarde..
46.AllisonAmericanMatronymic meaning "son of Ali..
47.RobertAmericanDerived from the Old High Germ..
47.MariaAmericanLatinate form of Mary. See ..
48.IsaacBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yitsha..
48.AngelinaEnglishLatinate variant of Angel or..
49.RachelAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Hebrew rachel..
50.JaydenAmericanA combination of the initials ..
50.GabriellaEnglishFeminine form of Gabriel, wh..
51.ThomasAmericanDerived from the Aramaic tebma..
51.JenniferAmericanCornish derivation of Guinever..
52.CameronAmericanTransferred use of the Scottis..
52.AveryEnglishA variation on the more popula..
53.ConnorAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish G..
53.MackenzieAmericanTransferred use of the Irish s..
54.HunterAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
54.ZoeAmericanDerived from the Greek Zoe (li..
55.JasonAmericanEnglish cognate of the Latin a..
55.RileyAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
56.DiegoSpanishA pet form of Jaime, the Spani..
56.SofiaHawaiianHawaiian form of Sophia, a ..
57.AaronBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew aharan..
57.MayaHinduIllusion, fantasy
58.OwenAmericanOi uncertain derivation, some ..
58.KimberlyEnglishSignifies "meadow of the royal..
59.LucasAfrican-Ame..Ecclesiastic Late Latin name t..
59.AndreaAmericanFeminine form of the Greek..
60.CharlesEnglishA popular name throughout Euro..
60.MeganAmericanA borrowing from the Welsh, Me..
61.JuanSpanishHighly popular Spanish cognate..
62.LuisPortugueseCognate of the French Louis (f..
62.GabrielleEnglishFeminine form of Gabriel, wh..
63.AdrianEnglishEnglish cognate of the Latin A..
64.AdamAmericanDerived from the Hebrew ad..
64.FaithAmericanDerived from faith, which deno..
65.JulianEnglishFrom the Latin Julianus, which..
65.EvelynEnglishEnglish variant of Aveline, ..
66.BryanAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Br..
66.KylieAmericanFeminine form of Kyle (a nar..
67.AlexAmericanShort form of any of the names..
67.BrooklynAmericanA blend of Brooke, which means..
68.SeanAfrican-Ame..Derived from Sean, an Irish co..
68.AudreyAmericanDerived from the Old English A..
69.NathanielEnglishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Lat..
69.LeahAmericanDerived from the Hebrew la ah ..
70.CarlosPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Charles,..
70.StephanieAmericanFrom the French Stephanie..
71.JeremiahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yirmey..
71.MadelineGreekA borrowing from the French, M..
72.BrianAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Br..
72.SaraGermanDerived from the Hebrew Sarah..
73.JocelynEnglishA transferred use of the surna..
74.JesusBiblicalGreek form of Joshua (Jehovah ..
74.NicoleAmericanA borrowing from the French, N..
75.CarterAmericanTransferred use of the English..
75.HaleyIrishMeaning "ingenious." The actor..
76.SebastianEnglishFrom the Latin Sehastianus, a ..
76.PaigeAmericanTransferred use of the English..
77.EricAmericanDerived from the Old Norse Eir..
78.XavierFrenchTransferred use of the Spanish..
78.ArianaWelshPopular name derived from the ..
79.BraydenAmericanTransferred use of the English..
79.VanessaEnglishAn invention of satirist Jonat..
80.KyleAmericanTransferred use of the Scottis..
80.MichelleAmericanFeminine form of the French M..
81.IanAmericanScottish form of John (God i..
81.MariahAmericanHebrew name meaning "Jehov..
82.WyattAmericanTransferred use of the English..
82.AmeliaEnglishAn English variant of the Germ..
83.ChaseAmericanTransferred use of the English..
83.MelanieEnglishDerived from the Greek Melaina..
84.ColeAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
84.MaryAmericanDerived from the Hebrew M..
85.DominicAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Latin Dominic..
85.IsabelleEnglishOriginated as a Spanish varian..
86.TristanFrenchFrom the Old French Tristran, ..
86.ClaireFrenchFrench cognate of Clara, which..
87.CarsonAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
87.IsabelIrishOriginated as a Spanish varian..
88.JennaAmericanA pet form of various names be..
89.MiguelPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Michael..
89.CarolineAmericanFeminine form of the Latin Ca..
90.StevenEnglishFrom the Greek, meaning "a cro..
90.ValeriaPortugueseA variation upon the name Val..
91.AaliyahAfrican-Ame..Variant of the Hebrew Ali..
92.AubreyEnglishDerived from the Germanic Alb..
93.AntonioItalianDerived from the Latin Antoniu..
94.TimothyBiblicalDerived from the Greek time (h..
94.NataliaHungarianA borrowing from the Latin, Na..
95.HenryEnglishFrom the French Henri, from ..
95.AutumnAmericanDerived from autumn, which den..
96.AlejandroSpanishPopular Spanish form of Alexa..
96.RebeccaAmericanFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Lat..
97.BlakeAmericanTransferred use of the surname..
97.JordanAmericanDerived from the Hebrew Yarde..
98.LiamIrishShort form of Uilliam, the Iri..
98.GiannaItalianPopular contracted form of Gio..
99.RichardSlovakFrom the Old High German Rich..
99.JaylaIndianMeaning "victory."
100.DevinAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, De..
100.LaylaMuslim/Arab..Old Arabic name derived from l..
Tip: Names Marked with Pink Color are for Girls and Names Marked with Blue Color are for Boys

Source: S.S.A. Popular Baby Names
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