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Browse over 23 Estonian Girl Names and Estonian Boy Names

Estonian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AleksanderEstonianA form of the Greek Alexandras or..
BettiEstonianMeaning "joined with God."
DaggiEstonianA short form of the Hebrew name..
EltsEstonianMeaning "joined with God."
HeleEstonianMeaning "light" or "enlightened."
JaanEstonianMeaning "follower of Christ." Jaan ..
KatiEstonianMeaning "pure."
KristjanEstonianMeaning "follower of Christ."
LeenaEstonianMeaning "light" or "enlightened."
LiisiEstonianMeaning "joined with God."
MargaEstonianMeaning "pearl", it is a form of M..
MariEstonianA variant of the Hebrew name Ma..
MikkEstonianMeaning "Who is godlike?"
NikolaiEstonianMeaning "victory."
OlliEstonianMeaning "pious."
PeeterEstonianA form of Peter from the Greek an..
ReetEstonianA form of the name Margaret, whic..
RikiEstonianMeaning "mighty ruler."
RolliEstonianMeaning "famous throughout the land..
TildaEstonianMeaning "chaste." Actress Tilda Swi..
ToomasEstonianMeaning "twin."
UlliEstonianA variation of the Latin based name..

Description of Estonian Names
Estonian Baby Names
Until the 12th century the marshes and forest lands along the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea were in the undisturbed possession of a number of non-Christian tribes. The Esths and the Livs in the northern regions (present-day Estonia and Latvia) belonged to the Finnish branch of the Ural-Altaic family, which derives from Central Asia. Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian all share this Asian heritage. Contrary to common belief, Estonian uses the Roman alphabet and not the Cyrillic alphabet. In addition to the standard alphabet, some diacritical marks are used. On letters for certain sounds, these are pronounced similarly to those in German.
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