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Browse over 12 Beninese Girl Names and Beninese Boy Names

Beninese Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EfosaBenineseA powerful name meaning "the wealth..
EhiogieBenineseLiterally meaning "sent by God,"
EhizokieBenineseFor parents who were hoping for a b..
EweanBenineseTranslated as "to be clever."
IdemudiaBenineseMeaning "bravery" or "a brave child..
ItohanBenineseRecognizing difficult times, this n..
IzegbeBenineseFor parents who waited a long time ..
NehivenaBeninese"The one the lord has chosen for me..
OmorogieBenineseBelieving life is more valuable tha..
OsagieBenineseMeaning "sent by God."
OsarogreBenineseFor families that choose to follow ..
OsazemaBenineseFor religious-minded families, this..

Description of Beninese Names
Beninese Baby Names
Benin is a small but proud country in West Africa. It is here that the great ancient kingdoms of Benin and Dahomey flourished, gaining particular renown for their striking sculptural works of art. The Kingdom of Dahomey the name of the country until 1975 was a well-organized and powerful state during the 17th century. Thus, children's names in Benin reflect various linguistic influences both European and African in nature. The traditional languages most widely spoken here are Fon andYoruba, but French is also an official language. Beninese names are often structured around the root words efe, meaning "wealth," osa, meaning "God," and omo, meaning "this one can make a child."
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