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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 911 to 945.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AloisioSpanishSpanish form of Aloysius, a Latin..
AlojzyPolishPolish cognate of Aloysius, a Latin..
AlonHebrewThis name means "oak."
AlonaHebrewOak, an oak tree
AlonsoSpanishA form of the German name Alph..
AlonzaItalianFeminine form of Alonzo, a varian..
AlonzaEnglishA feminine form of Alonzo, which me..
AloysiusScandinavia..Of uncertain origin, Aloysius is be..
AloysiusGermanAn alternate form of Louis, which m..
AlphaEnglishDerived from the first letter of th..
AlphaGreekDerived from the first letter of th..
AlpheusMythology a..From the Greek Alpheios (the white ..
AlphonseFrenchDerived from the Old German Adalfun..
AlphonseGermanMeaning "eager for battle." Among f..
AlpinScottishAnglicized form of Ailpein, an old ..
AlsanderIrishIrish form of Alexander (defender o..
AlstonEnglishMeaning "noble's settlement."
Altagraci..SpanishCompound name composed from the Spa..
AltairGreekDerived from the Arabic al ta'ir (t..
AltairMuslim/Arab..Derived from al td'ir (the bird). T..
AlteaPolishFrom the Latin Althaea, which is fr..
AlthaeaItalianLatin name derived from the Greek A..
AlthaeaMythology a..From the Greek althaia (healer). Th..
AlthaiaGreekFrom the Greek althaia (healer), wh..
AltheaEnglishPopular name derived from the Latin..
AlthenaEnglishModern coinage combining Althea (he..
AltinanGermanMeaning "old man." Filmmaker Robert..
AltonEnglishDerived from the Old English Aldtun..
AltsobaNative Amer..All are at war. Navajo
AlunWelshWelsh form of Alan, a Celtic name o..
AlunaAfricanCome here. Mwera, Kenya
AlunaKenyanLiterally means "come here."
AlvaSpanish"White; light skinned."
AlvarEnglishDerived from the Old English AElfhe..
AlvarSwedishThis is the name of a small shrub n..
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