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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 736 to 770.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AleelaAfricanFor a child who is born crying and ..
AlegraSpanishDerived from the Latin allegra (mer..
AlegriaSpanishMeaning "happiness."
AlejandraSpanishFeminine form of Alejandro (defen..
AlejandroSpanishPopular Spanish form of Alexander..
AlekRussianA short form of Aleksandr and Aleks..
AlekaHawaiianCognate of Alex, which is a short f..
Alekanede..HawaiianHawaiianized form of Alexandrina,..
Alekaneke..HawaiianHawaiian form of Alexander (defen..
AlekiPolynesianTongan form of Alex (defender, help..
AlekonaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Alton, a nam..
Aleksande..SlovakCzech form of Alexander, a de..
Aleksande..PolishPopular name derived from the Greek..
Aleksande..EstonianA form of the Greek Alexandras or..
AleksandrRussianDerived from the Greek Alexandras, ..
Aleksandr..PolishFeminine form of Aleksander (defend..
Aleksandr..RussianRussian cognate of Alexandra, the..
AlekseiRussianDerived from the Greek Alexios (def..
AleksyPolishPolish cognate of Alexius, a name d..
AlemaHawaiianHawaiian form of Alma, a name der..
AlemanaHawaiianHawaiian form of the French Armand..
AlenaSlovakA short form of Magdalena (of Mag..
AlenaGermanOriginally a short form of Magdalen..
AlenaRussianMeaning "light."
AlepanaHawaiianHawaiian form of Alban, a name de..
AlepelekeHawaiianHawaiian cognate of Alfred (elf c..
AlesaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Alica (nobil..
AleshaneeNative Amer..She plays all of the time. Coos
AlessaItalianA short form of Alessandra (defende..
Alessandr..ItalianFeminine form of Alessandro, the ..
Alessandr..ItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Alexan..
AlessiaItalianItalian form of the Greek Alexia, w..
AlessioItalianA short form of Alessandro (defende..
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