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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 981 to 1015.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AmanaBiblicalEstablished. The name is borrowed f..
AmanakiPolynesianExpectation, hope
AmandaAmericanDerived from the Latin amanda (lova..
AmandaEnglishA popular name derived from the Lat..
AmandaIrishPopular name coined by the English ..
AmandaSpanishPopular name derived from the Latin..
AmandeepIndianMeaning "light of peace."
AmandoFrenchA form of Amadeus, which means "h..
AmaniMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from amdrd (de..
AmaniahHebrewFaithful to Jehovah
AmarIndianA name that means "immortal."
AmaraItalianDerived from the Latin amarantus (u..
AmarantaSpanishMeaning "flower that never fades."
AmaranteFrenchFrom the name of the flower, which ..
AmaranthEnglishDerived from amaranth, the name of ..
AmariahHebrewSaid of God. Amariah is borne in th..
AmarisHebrewMeaning "promised by God."
AmarjaaHinduDerived from amrta (immortal)
AmaryllisEnglishOf uncertain meaning, Amaryllis was..
AmasaHebrewBurden. The name is borne in the Bi..
AmasaiHebrewBurdensome. Amasai is borne by seve..
AmasiahHebrewBurden of God. The name is borne in..
AmatoItalianDerived from Amata (beloved, darlin..
AmatoFrenchMeaning "loved."
AmauiHawaiianA native Hawaiian plant.
AmayaJapaneseA name that means "night."
AmaziahAfricanMeaning "extraordinary." Name given..
AmberAmericanDerived from amber, which denotes a..
AmberEnglishDerived from the word amber (a tran..
AmberHinduThe sky, the horizon
AmberMythology a..The name of a honey-colored translu..
AmberFrenchSignifies the color. Among notable ..
AmberleeAmericanModern combination name formed from..
AmberlyAmericanA form of Amber
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