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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 1786 to 1820.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Athriatio..GreekThe Roman Philhellenic Emperor, A. ..
AtidThaiMeaning "sun."
AtihkNative Amer..A Cree word meaning "caribou" or "r..
AtiraHebrewMeaning "prayer."
AtiyaMuslim/Arab..Popular name meaning "gift."
AtleyEnglishMeaning "meadow."
AtnedeoItalianMeaning "loves God." Name of the Du..
AtohiNative Amer..Meaning "woods" in Cherokee.
AtolosGreekClassical name meaning "the changea..
AtreoSpanishDerived from the Greek Atreus, a na..
AtreusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Atreus was a ..
AtsadiNative Amer..The Cherokee word for "fish."
AtsidiNative Amer..Smith, ironworker. Navajo. Atsidi S..
AtsilaNative Amer..Meaning "fire." From the Cherokee, ..
AtsilusgiNative Amer..Meaning "blossom." From the Cheroke..
AtsuAfricanAkeradini name meaning "younger of ..
AtsuGhanaianMeaning "the younger of twins."
AttiahMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of the Hebrew name ..
AttilaHungarianDerived from the Latin family name ..
AttilioItalianFrom the Latin family name Attilius..
AtuAfricanAkeradini name meaning "born on Sat..
AtuGhanaianMeaning "born on Saturday." Also se..
AtwellEnglishMeaning "at the well."
AtworthEnglishMeaning "at the farmstead."
Atyaanand..HinduCompound name meaning "intense joy...
AtzelHebrewHebrew name meaning "noble" or ..
AuberonGermanAn alternate form of Oberon
AuberteFrenchA form of Alberta, meaning "noble..
AubreyEnglishDerived from the Germanic Alberic..
AubreyGermanThis name means "noble" or "bearlik..
AubrieFrenchAn alternate form of Aubrey, whic..
AudScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse audr (ri..
AudeFrenchFrom the Old German Alda, which is ..
AudereHawaiianHawaiianized form of Audrey (nobl..
AudhildScandinavia..From the Old Norse AuShildr (battle..
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