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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 1716 to 1750.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AshrafMuslim/Arab..Derived from ashraf (more honorable..
AshtonAmericanTransferred use of the surname mean..
AshtonEnglishMeaning "ash-tree settlement."
AshurAfricanMuslim name derived from the name o..
AshurMythology a..From Assyrian mythology, Ashur, the..
AshuraAfricanBorn during the Islamic month of As..
Ashvaghos..HinduThe sound of the horse. The name wa..
AshwaniIndianMeaning "first. It's the name of a ..
AshwinIndianA name that means "star."
AsiliaAfricanMeaning "honest."
AsimAfricanOf Arabic origin derived from 'asim..
AsisaHebrewJuicy, ripe
AsisyaHebrewThe juice of Jehovah
AsklepiosGreekGod of medicine in ancient Greece; ..
AskookNative Amer..Meaning "snake." A Massachusett wor..
AslaugScandinavia..Compound name composed of the Old N..
Asma'Muslim/Arab..Popular name throughout the Arab wo..
AsmanAfghanThis name is derived from the Persi..
AsmeeHinduPopular name meaning "high self-est..
AsmundScandinavia..From the Old Norse Asmundr, a name ..
AsnateLatvianMeaning "fresh" or "new wave."
AspasiaGreekDerived from aspasia (welcome). The..
AspazijaLatvianMeaning "sublime." Aspazija Rainis ..
AspenEnglishSignifying "aspen tree."
AsrielHebrewPrince of God
Asshawequ..Native Amer..This name means "singing bird woman..
Asshewequ..Native Amer..Singing bird. Sauk. The name was bo..
AssumptaItalianDerived from the Latin assumptio (t..
AssuncaoPortugueseDerived from the Portuguese assunca..
AssuntaItalianFrom the Italian assunto (assumed, ..
AstaGermanA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..
AstaScandinavia..Scandinavian name derived from ..
AsterGreekDerived from the Greek aster (a sta..
AsterEnglishA form of Astra, which means "sta..
AsteraHebrewA name derived from the Persian sta..
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