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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 1296 to 1330.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AnitaIrishA borrowing from the Spanish, Anita..
AnitaraHawaiianHawaiianized form of Anitra, a lite..
AniteluPolynesianTongan form of Andrew (manly). See ..
AnitoniPolynesianTongan form of Anthony. See ANTHON..
AnitraGermanLiterary coinage invented by Norweg..
AnitraScandinavia..Literary coinage by Norwegian playw..
AniwetaAfricanA spirit brought it. Ibo, Nigeria.
AnjeniNative Amer..Meaning "spirit." The Algonquian fo..
AnjuHinduPopular name meaning "to honor, to ..
AnjumHinduPopular name meaning "token."
AnkerScandinavia..Derived from annkarl (harvester), w..
AnktiNative Amer..Meaning "repeat dance." From the Ho..
AnkurHinduBud, bloom, sprout
AnlonIrishAnglicized form of Anluan (great ch..
AnluanIrishCompound name composed of the Gaeli..
AnnaAmericanCognate of the Hebrew Hannah ..
AnnaBiblicalAnglicized form of Hannah (gracious..
AnnaSlovakCognate of the Hebrew Hannah,..
AnnaEnglishA popular name throughout Europe an..
AnnaGermanPopular Latinate cognate of the Heb..
AnnaGreekDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, whi..
AnnaHungarianCognate of the Hebrew Hannah, whi..
AnnaIrishLatinate variant of Anne, which is ..
AnnaItalianDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, whi..
AnnaHebrewAnglicized form of the Hebrew Chaan..
AnnaMythology a..From Roman mythology, Anna was the ..
AnnaPolishA popular name throughout Europe, A..
AnnaRussianDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, w..
AnnaScandinavia..Derived from the Hebrew Hannah (g..
AnnaScottishA Latinate form of Anne (gracious, ..
AnnaWelshLatinate form of Anne (gracious, fu..
AnnaCzechA form of Hannah, which means "gr..
AnnaUkrainianMeaning "divine gift."
AnnaSwedishA form of Hannah, which means "gr..
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