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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 491 to 525.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AhopomeePolynesianThe day of the night dance
AhoteNative Amer..Meaning "restless one" in Hopi, a U..
AhsanHinduGratitude, thankfulness
AhulaniHawaiianCompound name meaning "heavenly shr..
AhuliNative Amer..Meaning "drums."This name comes fro..
AhusakaNative Amer..Strikes his wings. Winnebago
AhuviahHebrewBeloved of the Lord
AhwiNative Amer..Meaning "deer." From the Cherokee.
AhyokaNative Amer..Meaning "she brought happiness." Of..
AiJapaneseDerived from ai (love)
AiSoutheast A..Beloved, cherished. Vietnam
AiChineseA name that means "love."
AiakosGreekA name of unknown origin and meanin..
AiasGreekThe name of two Homeric heroes.
AidaItalianA name of uncertain derivation used..
AidaSpanishOf uncertain derivation popularized..
AidanAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish Aodhan..
AidanIrishAnglicized form of Aodhan (little f..
AidanScottishA borrowing from the Irish, Aidan i..
AideenIrishAnglicized form of Etain, an old Ga..
AidosGreekA goddess in Greek mythology; the m..
AietesGreekAn ancient king of Aia (Kolchida); ..
AifricIrishGaelic name meaning "pleasant," Aif..
AigarsLatvianA name of honor that means "brave."..
AigisthosGreekThe son of King Thyestes of the Myc..
AigneisIrishGaelic form of Agnes (chaste, pure,..
AihitsNative Amer..Palojami Fair land. Nez Perce
AijaLatvianMeaning "song." Aija Kukule is a La..
Aikaterin..GreekDerived from the Greek katharos (pu..
AikoJapaneseDerived from ai (love) and ko (chil..
AilaFinnishFrom the Greek Helene, which means ..
AilbeartScottishScottish Gaelic form of Albert (b..
AilbheIrishA common name of uncertain derivati..
AilbheIrishA common name of uncertain derivati..
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