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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 421 to 455.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AgataPolishPolish form of the Greek Agathe, a ..
AgataScandinavia..From the Greek Agathe, a derivati..
AgataSpanishDerived from the Greek Agathe, whic..
AgateEnglishA semiprecious stone
AgathaEnglishDerived from the Greek Agathe..
AgathaHungarianDerived from the Greek Agathe, whic..
AgathaLatvianMeaning "wealthy." Agatha Christie ..
AgatheFrenchDerived from the Greek Agathe, whic..
AgatheGermanDerived from the Greek Agathe, whic..
AgatheGreekPopular name derived from agathos (..
AgathiasGreekDerived from agathos (good)
AgenetiHawaiianHawaiian form of Agnes, a cognate..
AgesilaosGreekThe name of the king of Sparta. Dur..
AggelesGreekThis name derives from the word ang..
AghnaIrishIrish variant of Agnes (chaste, pur..
AgisGreekThe king of Sparta who waged wars a..
AglaiaMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by the you..
AgnaGermanA pet form of Agnethe (pure, chas..
AgnaScandinavia..Swedish pet form of Agneta (chast..
AgnellaItalianDerived from the Greek hagnos (chas..
AgnesEnglishPopular name throughout Europe, Agn..
AgnesFrenchFrom the Greek Hagne, which is deri..
AgnesGermanLatinized form of the Greek Hagne (..
AgnesHungarianHungarian form of Agnes, a Latini..
AgnesIrishDerived from the Greek Hagne, which..
AgnesScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Hagne, which..
AgnesScottishPopular name derived from the Greek..
AgnesWelshA popular name throughout Europe an..
AgneseItalianPopular name derived from the Greek..
AgnessaRussianRussian form of Agnes, a cognate ..
AgnetheGermanGerman cognate of Agnes, which is d..
AgniIndianMeaning "fire." The Hindu fire god ..
AgnieszkaPolishPolish form of Agnes, which is a po..
AgostinhaPortugueseFeminine form of Agostinho, the P..
AgostinhoPortugueseDerived from the Latin Augustinus..
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