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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 526 to 560.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AileanScottishScottish Gaelic form of Alan, which..
AileenScottishVariant of the name Eileen, which..
AileshHinduPopular name meaning "king of the e..
AilieScottishAnglicized spelling of Eilidh, a Ga..
AilillIrishOld Gaelic name meaning "sprite." A..
AilinIrishGaelic form of Alan, a Celtic name ..
AilinePolynesianTongan form of Irene (peace). See ..
AilisIrishGaelic form of Alice (nobility). Se..
AilpeanScottishVery old name in common use in Scot..
AilsaScottishA borrowing from the Scottish place..
AimeFrenchDerived from amee (beloved), which ..
AimeeFrenchDerived from amee (beloved), which ..
AimiliScottishGaelic form of Amelia, which is an ..
AimilionaIrishGaelic form of Amelina, a diminutiv..
AimonFrenchMeaning "house."
AimonasGreekThe son of Creon.
AinaAfricanDifficult birth, the birth had comp..
AinaNigerianMeaning "difficult birth."
AinaliaGermanAn alternate form of Amelia, whic..
AindreaScottishScottish Gaelic form of Andrew (man..
AindreasIrishGaelic form of Andrew (manly), a na..
AineIrishGaelic name meaning "joy, praise; f..
AineiasGreekDerived from ainein (to praise). Th..
AingealIrishGaelic form of Angela (angel, messe..
AingealagScottishGaelic form of the English Angelica..
AinmireIrishOld name believed to mean "great lo..
AinoMythology a..From Finnish mythology, Aino was th..
AinsleeScottishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
AinsleyScottishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
AirinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Irene, a cogna..
AirneryGermanAn alternate form of Emery, which..
AisakePolynesianTongan form of Isaac (he will laugh..
AischinesGreekThe rhetorical speaker in the ancie..
AischylosGreekThe ancient Greek tragedian, 526-45..
AiseaPolynesianTongan form of Isaiah (God is salva..
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