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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AndrewEnglishEnglish cognate of the Greek Andrea..
AndrianaEnglishCoined by combining the names Andr..
AndrineEnglishEnglish feminine form of Andre..
AngelEnglishDerived from angel (messenger of Go..
AngelicaEnglishDerived from angelic (heavenly, lik..
AngelinaEnglishLatinate variant of Angel or Ang..
AngieEnglishA pet form of the various names com..
AniceEnglishAn alternate form of Agnes, which m..
AnitaEnglishOriginally a Spanish pet form o..
AnnaEnglishA popular name throughout Europe an..
AnnabelEnglishA combination of Anna, which means ..
AnnabelleEnglishCombination name composed of the na..
AnneEnglishBorrowed from the French, Anne is a..
AnnelisaEnglishA combination of Anne, meaning "gra..
AnnellaEnglishEnglish and Scottish elabor..
AnnemarieEnglishCombinations of Ann, meaning "grace..
AnnetteEnglishFrench pet form of Anne (gracious..
AnnieEnglishPet form of any of the various name..
AnnisEnglishVernacular form of Agnes (chaste)..
AnonEnglishMeaning "pineapple."
AnthonyEnglishEnglish cognate of the old Roman fa..
AntoniaEnglishFeminine form of Anthony, a name ..
AprilEnglishDerived from the name of the calend..
ArdenEnglishMeaning "burning with enthusiasm." ..
ArledgeEnglishMeaning "lake with the hares."
ArleighEnglishAn alternate form of Harlet, which ..
ArleneEnglishModern name apparently modeled afte..
ArletteEnglishOld name thought to be a French var..
ArleyEnglishA diminutive form of Harley
ArnetteEnglishMeaning "little eagle."
ArnoldEnglishIntroduced to England by the Norman..
ArthurEnglishOf Celtic origin but of unknown mea..
AshfordEnglishMeaning "ash-tree ford."
AshleyEnglishThis name, originally a surname, is..
AshleyEnglishThis name, originally a surname, is..
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