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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MagnusEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..
MahaliaEnglishA borrowing of the Aramaic name mea..
MalcolmEnglishDerived from the Gaelic Maolcolm (s..
MalvaEnglishA form of Melba
MalvinaEnglishLiterary coinage by James Macpherso..
MamieEnglishOriginally a pet form of Margaret (..
ManfredEnglishSignifies "man of peace." Singer Ma..
MaraEnglishDerived from the Hebrew marah (bitt..
MarabelEnglishA form of Mirabel, meaning "a gre..
MarcEnglishA short form of Marcus, Marc is a..
MarcellenEnglishA form of Marcella, which means "..
MarciaEnglishFeminine form of the Latin Marcius,..
MarcusEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Marcus ..
MarcyEnglishA familiar form of Marcella and ..
MarettaEnglishA familiar form of Margaret, whic..
MargaretEnglishFrom the Greek MargarTtes, which is..
MargeEnglishA short form of Margaret and Mar..
MargeryEnglishMedieval variant of Margaret (pearl..
MargotEnglishA borrowing of the French pet form ..
MariaEnglishLatinate form of Mary, which is pop..
MariabellaEnglishCompound name composed of the names..
MariamEnglishShortened form of Mariamne, an ea..
MarianEnglishVariant of Marion, which is a Frenc..
MarianneEnglishOriginated as an extended spelling ..
MaridelEnglishA form of Marabel.
MarieEnglishFrench form of Mary, which has been..
MariellaEnglishLatin diminutive form of Maria, i..
MarigoldEnglishMeaning the golden yellow flower, w..
MarileeEnglishModern compound name composed of th..
MarilynEnglishModern compound name composed of th..
MarinaEnglishOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MarionEnglishFrench diminutive form of Marie, ..
MarisaEnglishModern elaboration of Maria, formed..
MarkEnglishEnglish cognate of the Latin Marcus..
MarkeisiaEnglishA combination of Mary and Keisha
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