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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EmmieEnglishPet form of any of the various name..
EnidEnglishOf uncertain origin and derivation,..
EppieEnglishA familiar form of Euphernia. Epp..
ErasmusEnglishFrom the Greek Erasmios (lovely), w..
EricEnglishDerived from the Old Norse Eirikr (..
EricaEnglishFeminine form of Eric, the Englis..
ErinEnglishDerived from the Gaelic Erinn, the ..
ErlandEnglishMeaning "nobleman's land."
ErnestEnglishCognate of the Germanic Ernst, whic..
ErnestineEnglishMeaning "earnest" or "sincere." A f..
ErrolEnglishOf debated etymology, some believe ..
ErvinEnglishAlternate form of Irwin, which mean..
EsmeEnglishMeaning "gracious guardian."
EsmeraldaEnglishA borrowing of the Spanish name..
EsmondEnglishDerived from the obsolete English..
EssieEnglishA short form of Estelle or Esthe..
EsteeEnglishA short form of Estelle or Esthe..
EstelleEnglishCommon to England, Estelle is the F..
EstherEnglishPopular name of debated origin and ..
EthanEnglishA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic L..
EthelEnglishOriginally a short form of any of t..
EtheldredaEnglishDerived from the Old English AEthel..
EtnelEnglishMeaning "noble." Famous persons so ..
EttaEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
EudoraEnglishA borrowing from the Greek, Eudora ..
EugeneEnglishA borrowing from the French, Eugene..
EugeniaEnglishA borrowing from the Greek, Eugenia..
EulaliaEnglishA borrowing from the Latin and the ..
EuniceEnglishDerived from the Greek Eunike, a co..
EuphemiaEnglishDerived from the Greek Euphemia, a ..
EustaceEnglishFrom the Old French Eustache, which..
EvanEnglishA form of Hebrew John, meaning "G..
EvangelineEnglishCoined from the Latin evangelium (g..
EveEnglishDerived from the Hebrew Chava (life..
EvelynEnglishEnglish variant of Aveline, a Fre..
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