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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RexanneEnglishCompound name composed of the names..
RexellaEnglishCompound name composed of the names..
ReynardEnglishFrom the Old French Renard, which..
RhodaEnglishFrom the Latin Rhode and the Greek ..
RhondaEnglishPopular modern coinage believed to ..
RichardEnglishA borrowing from the Old French, Ri..
RidleyEnglishMeaning "meadow of reeds." Film dir..
RigbyEnglishMeaning "ruler's valley."
RikkiEnglishFeminine form of Ricky, which is a ..
RileyEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
RinaEnglishA short form of names ending in -ri..
RitaEnglishA short form of the Spanish Margar..
RobertEnglishIntroduced to England hy the Norman..
RobertaEnglishFeminine form of Robert (bright fam..
RobinEnglishOriginated as a pet form of the mal..
RobinetteEnglishA familiar form of Robin
RobinsonEnglishLiterally, the "son of Robert." Dan..
RockwellEnglishMeaning "rocky spring." A notable R..
RodEnglishA short form of Penrod, Roderick..
RoderickEnglishFrom the Middle Latin Rodericus, wh..
RodnaeEnglishMeaning "island clearing."
RodneyEnglishOriginally the transferred use of t..
RogerEnglishIntroduced to England by the Norman..
RolandEnglishA borrowing from the French, Roland..
RolfEnglishA contraction of Rudolph (famous ..
RolloEnglishA familiar form of Roland. Psycho..
RonaEnglishOf uncertain derivation. Rona might..
RonaldEnglishIntroduced to Scotland by Scandinav..
RoperEnglishSignifies "rope maker."
RosEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
RosalieEnglishFrom the Latin rosalia (the annual ..
RosalindEnglishIntroduced to England by the Norman..
RoscoeEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
RoseEnglishOriginally, Rose was a short form o..
RoseanneEnglishCombination name formed from the na..
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