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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
OrvilleEnglishOf debated origin, some believe Orv..
OrvinEnglishMeaning "spear friend."
OsbertEnglishMeaning "divine" or "bright."
OsbornEnglishEvolution of the Old English Osbeor..
OscarEnglishFrom the Old English Osgar (god spe..
OsgoodEnglishMeaning "divine goth."
OsmaEnglishMeaning "divine protector." A femin..
OsmarEnglishMeaning "divine" or "wonderful."
OsmondEnglishFrom the Old English Osmund (protec..
OsricEnglishMeaning "divine ruler."
OswaldEnglishMeaning "God's power."
OswinEnglishRevival of the Old English Oswin (a..
PaigeEnglishMeaning "young child."
PamelaEnglishCoined by the English poet and stat..
ParkerEnglishMeaning "little Peter."
PatiaEnglishA familiar form of Patience or P..
PatienceEnglishTaken from patience (waiting withou..
PatriciaEnglishFeminine form of Patrick, which i..
PatrickEnglishDerived from the Latin patricius (a..
PaulEnglishFrom the Latin Paulus, which origin..
PaulaEnglishFeminine form of Paul, which is der..
PaulineEnglishA borrowing of the French feminine ..
PeaceEnglishLiterally signfying "peaceful" or "..
PearlEnglishTaken from pearl, the name of a typ..
PeggyEnglishModeled after Meggie, Peggy was ori..
PenelopeEnglishDerived from the Greek Penelope, a ..
PercyEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
PerryEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
PeterEnglishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Pe..
PetraEnglishFeminine form of Peter, from the La..
PetulaEnglishModern English coinage of uncertain..
PeytonEnglishAn alternate form of Patton and Pay..
PhilEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
PhilbertEnglishAn alternate form of Filbert
PhilipEnglishFrom the Latin Philippus, a deriv..
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