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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
GaryEnglishFrom the Old English Garwig (spea..
GarynEnglishMeaning "spear carrier." A feminine..
GavinEnglishOf uncertain etymology, some believ..
GayEnglishDerived from gay (joyous, lighthear..
GayleEnglishA form of Gail.
GaynaEnglishA familiar form of Guinevere
GaynorEnglishMedieval variant of Guinevere (wh..
GemmaEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Gemma i..
GeneEnglishOriginally a short form of Eugene..
GenevaEnglishOf disputed origin, Geneva might be..
GenevieveEnglishDerived from the Gaulish Genovefa, ..
GenistaEnglishBorrowed from the Latin name of the..
GennaEnglishA form of Jenna
GeoffreyEnglishDerived from the Middle English Ge..
GeorgeEnglishFrom the French Georges, a co..
GeorgeanneEnglishA combination of Georgia and Ann
GeorgeneEnglishA familar form of Georgia
GeorgiaEnglishLatinate feminine form of George, w..
GeorgieEnglishPet form of any of the names contai..
GeorginaEnglishFeminine form of George, which is..
GeraldEnglishDerived from the Germanic Gerwald..
GeraldineEnglishFeminine derivative of Gerald (sp..
GerardEnglishDerived from the Old High German G..
GerryEnglishPet form of any of the various name..
GertrudeEnglishDerived from the Old High German Ge..
GervaiseEnglishOf uncertain etymology, Gervaise is..
GhislainEnglishFairly recent coinage of uncertain ..
GideonEnglishDerived from the Hebrew gidh 'on (h..
GilbertEnglishFrom the Old French Guillebert, a d..
GildaEnglishMeaning "gilded." The late and grea..
GilesEnglishFrom the Old French Gilles, a deriv..
GillianEnglishArose in the 16th century as a vari..
GinaEnglishOriginally a short form of Georgin..
GinetteEnglishA form of Genevieve
GingerEnglishOriginally a nickname for someone w..
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