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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
CarolineEnglishFeminine form of the Latin Carolus,..
CarolynEnglishA form of Caroline. Among notable..
CarrieEnglishA familiar form of Carol and Car..
CarsonEnglishLiterally means "son of Carr." MTV ..
CarterEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
CaryEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
CaseyEnglishVariant of Cassie, which is a pet..
CaseyEnglishVariant of Cassie, which is a pet..
CassEnglishShort form of any of the names cont..
CassandraEnglishDerived from the Greek Kassandra, t..
CassiaEnglishAdopted from the cassia spice, a va..
CassianEnglishFrom the Latin Cassianus, a name de..
CassidyEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
CassieEnglishPet or short form of any of the nam..
CaterEnglishMeaning "caterer."
CatherineEnglishEnglish cognate of the Greek Aikate..
CecilEnglishFrom the Latin Caecilius, an old ..
CeciliaEnglishFeminine form of Cecil, which is de..
CedricEnglishAn invention of Sir Walter Scott (1..
CelesteEnglishEnglish borrowing of the French Cel..
CeliaEnglishDerived from the Latin Caelia, a fe..
ChadEnglishBelieved to be a modern variant of ..
ChadwickEnglishA name that signifies "warrior's to..
ChanceEnglishA short form of Chancellor or Ch..
ChandlerEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
ChanelEnglishLiterally means "channel."
ChantaleEnglishEnglish cognate of the French Chant..
ChapmanEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
CharisEnglishDerived from the Greek kharis (grac..
CharityEnglishDerived from charity, which denotes..
CharleneEnglishCoined in the 20th century, Charlen..
CharlesEnglishA popular name throughout Europe an..
CharlieEnglishMeaning "strong and womanly."
CharlotteEnglishFeminine diminutive form of Charle..
CharltonEnglishTransferred use of the surname take..
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