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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
SallyEnglishOriginated as a pet form of Sarah (..
SamEnglishA short form of Samuel (name of G..
SamsonEnglishA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic L..
SamuelEnglishEcclesiastic Late Latin form of the..
SandraEnglishA short form of Cassandra and Alexa..
SarahEnglishDerived from the Hebrew sarah (prin..
SashaEnglishA borrowing of the Russian pet form..
SaundraEnglishA form of Sandra and Sondra. Actr..
ScarlettEnglishSignifying "bright red." Gone with ..
ScottEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
SebastianEnglishFrom the Latin Sehastianus, a deriv..
SeeliaEnglishA form of Sheila.
SeldaEnglishDerived from the Old English selda ..
SeldonEnglishLiterally means "willow tree valley..
SeleneEnglishFrom the Greek Selene, which is der..
SellaEnglishA short form of Selena
SelwynEnglishMeaning "friend from the palace."
SeraphinaEnglishDerived from the Hebrew seraphim (b..
SerenaEnglishDerived from serene (calm, peaceful..
SethEnglishFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Seth, a..
SeymourEnglishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
ShaneEnglishAnglicized form of Seaghan, a varia..
ShaneeEnglishAnglicized form of the Welsh Siani,..
ShannahEnglishShort form of the Hebrew Shoshannah..
ShareeEnglishA form of Cheri, meaning "dear."
SharonEnglishDerived from a biblical place-name ..
ShattuckEnglishMeaning "little shad fish."
ShaunEnglishAnglicized form of Sean, the Gaelic..
ShawEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
SheenaEnglishAnglicized form of Sine, the Scotti..
SheilaEnglishAnglicized form of Sile, the Irish ..
ShelbyEnglish"Estate on the ledge."
SheldonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
ShelleyEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
SherlockEnglishMeaning "light-haired." A name made..
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