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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
StaceyEnglishDerived from Stasia, a Russian pet ..
StaciaEnglishA short form of Anastasia
StancliffEnglishMeaning "stony cliff."
StanfieldEnglishMeaning "stony field." Stansfield T..
StanfordEnglishSignifies "rocky ford."
StanleyEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
StarbuckEnglishMeaning "challenger of fate." A cha..
StarlingEnglishSignifying the name of a bird. Tele..
SteadmanEnglishMeaning "owner of a farmstead." Opr..
StellaEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Stella ..
StephanieEnglishA borrowing of the French Stephanie..
StephenEnglishFrom the Latin Stephanus, whi..
SterlingEnglishAn alternate form of Starling, mean..
StevenEnglishFrom the Greek, meaning "a crown." ..
StewartEnglishAn alternate form of Stuart. Film a..
StingEnglishMeaning "spike of grain." A celebri..
StockardEnglishEnglish place name. Stockard Channi..
StoddardEnglishMeaning "horse keeper."
StoneEnglishLiterally "stone." Television journ..
StormEnglishA familiar form of Norman, which ..
StormyEnglishMeaning "tempestuous."
StuartEnglishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
StylesEnglishMeaning "stairs put over a wall to ..
SueEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
SummerEnglishSignifying the season. Olympic cham..
SunnyEnglishMeaning "bright" or "cheerful."
SusanEnglishAnglicized form of the French Susan..
SusannahEnglishDerived from the Hebrew Shoshana, w..
SusieEnglishPet form of any of the various name..
SuttonEnglishMeaning "southern town."
SuzanneEnglishA form of Susan. Among notable pe..
SybellaEnglishA form of Sybil
TabithaEnglishFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Tabeith..
TalcottEnglishMeaning "cottage near the lake." So..
TallisEnglishMeaning "forest."
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