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English Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BrooksEnglishMeaning "son of Brook." Critic Broo..
BrownEnglishMeaning "brown."
BruceEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
BryantEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
BryonyEnglishDerived from bryony (the name of a ..
BuckminsterEnglishMeaning "preacher." Geodesic dome c..
BudEnglishMeaning "herald" or "messenger." Bu..
BufordEnglishMeaning "ford near the castle."
BurgessEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
BurneEnglishSee Bourne in French section
BurneyEnglishA familiar form of Rayburn, signi..
BurtonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
ButcherEnglishMeaning "butcher."
ByfordEnglishMeaning "by the ford."
ByronEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
CadeEnglishTransferred use of the English surn..
CadyEnglishA form of Catherine
CaesarEnglishA borrowing of the Latin surname Ca..
CalvertEnglishMeaning "calf herder."
CalvinEnglishFrom the French surname Cauvin, a d..
CamillaEnglishDerived from the Latin Camilla (vir..
CandaceEnglishDerived from the Latin candidus (wh..
CaraEnglishDerived from the Latin cara (belove..
CareenEnglishModern name of uncertain origin and..
CarinaEnglishDerived from the Latin carina (keel..
CarlEnglishDerived from the Old English ceorl ..
CarlaEnglishPopular feminine form of Carl and..
CarleneEnglishA form of Caroline
CarlisleEnglishA name that means "Carl's island."
CarltonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
CarlyEnglishA familiar form of Caroline and ..
CarmelEnglishDerived from the Hebrew and mea..
CarnellEnglishMeaning "defender of the castle."
CarolEnglishFeminine form of the Latin Carolus,..
CaroleEnglishA form of Carol. Carole Lombard s..
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