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Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
FlorianPolishFrom the Latin Florianus, an elabor..
FranciszkPolishDerived from the Middle Latin Franc..
FranciszkaPolishPolish form of the Italian Francesc..
FryderykPolishPolish cognate of the German Friedr..
FryderykaPolishFeminine form of Fryderyk (peaceful..
GabrielPolishFrom the Hebrew Gavriel, which is d..
GabrielaPolishA borrowing from the Italian, Gabri..
GarekPolishA form of the English name Edg..
GenekPolishA form of the name Gene, short fo..
GerardPolishDerived from the Old High German Ge..
GerckPolishA form of the English name Ger..
GerikPolishFrom the English Gerrick, which ori..
GertrudaPolishDerived from the Old High German Ge..
GerwazyPolishPolish cognate of Gervaise, a name ..
GizelaPolishPolish form of Giselle, a name of G..
GracjaPolishPolish cognate of the Italian Grazi..
GrazynaPolishMeaning "grace."
GrzegorzPolishFrom the Late Latin Gregorius, a co..
GustawPolishFrom the German Gustav and the Swed..
GutkaPolishMeaning "good."
GwidoPolishFrom the Italian Guido, which is de..
GwidonPolishA name that means "life."
HalinaPolishMeaning "light."
HankaPolishFeminine form of the Germanic Hanke..
HannaPolishA popular name throughout Europe, H..
HelenaPolishA borrowing from the English, Helen..
HeniekPolishA form of the German name Henr..
HenrietaPolishFrom the French Henriette, a femini..
HenrykPolishPolish form of the German Heinrich,..
HenrykaPolishFeminine form of Henryk, which is t..
HermanPolishFrom the German Hermann, a name der..
HieronimPolishDerived from the Greek Hieronymos (..
HilariaPolishTaken from the Latin, Hilaria is de..
HilaryPolishDerived from the Latin Hilarius (ch..
HipolitPolishDerived from the Greek Hippolytus (..

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