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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PaulinaPolishFrom the Latin Paulina, a feminine ..
PaulosPolishA borrowing from the Greek, Paulos ..
PawelPolishPolish cognate of Paul, which is fr..
PelaPolishA short form of Penelope, which m..
PelagiaPolishFeminine form of the Greek Pelagios..
PenelopaPolishDerived from the Greek Penelope, a ..
PetronelaPolishFrom the Latin Petronilla, a femini..
PhillisPolishPolish form of the Greek Phyllis, a..
PiaPolishA short form of Olimpia (of Olympos..
PiotrPolishPolish cognate of Peter, which is d..
PiusPolishA borrowing from the Latin, Pius is..
PlacydPolishPolish form of Placido, which is fr..
PriscyllaPolishDiminutive form of the Latin Prisca..
ProkopPolishFrom the Greek Prokopios (progressi..
PrymPolishPolish form of the Italian Primo, w..
PrzbyslawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
RachelPolishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin an..
RaclawPolishA contracted form of Radoslaw (glad..
RadoslawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
RadoslawaPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
RafalPolishPolish form of Raphael, which is fr..
RajmundPolishPolish form of the French Raymond, ..
ReaPolishA borrowing from the Greek, Rea is ..
RebekaPolishPolish form of Rebecca, which is fr..
ReginyPolishFrom Regina (queen), an Italian..
RemigiuszPolishPolish form of the Latin Remigius, ..
RenardPolishA borrowing from the French, Renard..
RenatPolishPolish form of the Italian Renato (..
RenataPolishFrom the Late Latin Renatus (reborn..
RitaPolishA short form of Margarita (a pearl)..
RobertPolishDerived from the Old High German Hr..
RodaPolishPolish form of the English Rhoda, w..
RoderykPolishFrom the Middle Latin Rodericus, wh..
RoksanaPolishPolish form of the Greek Roxane, wh..
RomanPolishFrom the Latin Romanus (a Roman), w..

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