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Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
JaropelkPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
JaroslawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
JasPolishA form of the name John, which me..
JasiaPolishMeaning "God's gracious gift."
JazonPolishPolish cognate of Jason, which is f..
JedrejPolishPolish cognate of Andrew, which is ..
JeorekPolishMeaning "strong; manly."
JerzyPolishPolish cognate of George, which is ..
JetzyPolishA form of the name George, which ..
JoachimPolishDerived from the Hebrew Jehoiakim, ..
JoankaPolishA feminine version of John, meaning..
JoannaPolishMiddle Latin feminine form of Joann..
JolantaPolishPolish form of the Italian Jolanda,..
JonaszPolishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Jo..
JonatanPolishFrom the Hebrew Yonatan, a short fo..
JozefPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
JozefaPolishFeminine form of Jozef, which is de..
JozefinaPolishPolish form of the French Josephine..
JudytaPolishPolish form of Judith, an English c..
JulaPolishA form of the name Julia, which i..
JuliaPolishFeminine form of the Latin Julius, ..
JulianPolishFrom the Latin Julianus, which is a..
JulianaPolishPolish form of Juliana, the Latin f..
JuliuszPolishPolish form of Julius, an old Roman..
JustynPolishPolish cognate of Justin, which is ..
JustynaPolishFeminine form of Justyn, which is f..
KajetanPolishPolish form of Gaetano, a name deri..
KamillaPolishPolish form of Camilla, which is de..
KarinPolishA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..
KarolPolishPolish cognate of Charles, which is..
KarolinPolishPolish form of Caroline, a feminine..
KasiaPolishA form of the name Katherine, whi..
KasimierzPolishCompound name composed of the eleme..
KasperPolishPolish form of Gaspar, a name of un..
KatarzynaPolishPolish cognate of Katherine, which ..

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