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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ErykPolishPolish cognate of the Scandinavian ..
EsteraPolishPolish form of Esther, a popular na..
EtelPolishPolish form of the English Ethel (n..
EudoraPolishA borrowing from the Greek, Eudora ..
EufemiaPolishA borrowing from the Italian, Eufem..
EufemiuszPolishMasculine form of Eufemia (fair spe..
EufenjaPolishDerived from the Greek Euphenia (sw..
EugeniaPolishA borrowing from the Greek, Eugenia..
EugeniuszPolishDerived from the Greek Eugenios, wh..
EulaljaPolishPolish form of the Greek Eulalia, a..
EustachyPolishPolish form of the Greek Eustachius..
EuzebiaPolishFeminine form of Euzebio, which is ..
EwaPolishPolish form of Eva, a name derived ..
EwaldPolishA borrowing from the German, Ewald ..
EwangelinaPolishPolish form of the French Evangelin..
EwelinaPolishElaborated form of Ewa (life). See ..
FabianPolishDerived from the Latin Fabianus (of..
FaustynaPolishFrom the Italian Faustina, an elabo..
FebePolishPolish form of the Greek Phoebe, a ..
FeliciaPolishFeminine form of Feliks (happy, luc..
FelicjanPolishFrom the Italian Feliciano (lucky),..
FelicytaPolishPolish form of Felicity, which is f..
FeliksPolishPolish cognate of Felix, a name der..
FerdynandPolishFrom the Spanish Ferdinando, which ..
FidelisPolishLate Latin name derived directly fr..
FideljaPolishFrom the Latin Fidelia, a name deri..
FilPolishA form of the name Phil, short fo..
FilipPolishFrom the Latin Philippus, a derivat..
FilipaPolishPolish form of the Greek Philippa, ..
FilipinaPolishElaboration of Filipa (lover of hor..
FilomenaPolishDerived from the Greek Philomena (l..
FlawiuszPolishPolish form of Flavius, a Latin nam..
FlorensPolishPolish form of Florence, a medieval..
FlorentynPolishFrom the Latin FlorentTnus, an elab..
FlorentynaPolishFrom the Italian Florentina, which ..

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