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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
WandaPolishOf uncertain etymology, Wanda is ge..
WenczeslawPolishCompound name composed of the eleme..
WeraPolishA form of the name Vera, which is..
WeronikaPolishMeaning "true image."
WeronikiaPolishPolish form of Veronica, a name of ..
WicktoriaPolishA form of the name Victoria, whic..
WielislawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
WiktoriaPolishPopular name derived from the Latin..
WilhelmPolishA borrowing from the German, Wilhel..
WiolettaPolishPolish form of the Old French Viole..
WiraPolishA form of the name Elvira, which ..
WisiaPolishA form of the name Victoria
WitPolishFrom the Latin Vita, which is deriv..
WladyslawPolishPopular compound name composed of t..
WladyslawaPolishFeminine form of Wladyslaw, a compo..
WlodzimierzPolishPolish form of Vladimir (famous rul..
WojciechPolishPopular name composed of the Slavon..
ZacharjaszPolishPolish form of Zachariah, which is ..
ZanetaPolishPolish form of the French Jeannette..
ZarekPolishGreek pet form of Belshazzar, from ..
ZbigniewPolishPopular compound name composed of t..
ZdzislawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
ZefirynPolishDerived from the Greek Zephyra (lik..
ZenobjaPolishFrom the Greek Zenobia, the feminin..
ZenonPolishA borrowing from the Greek, Zenon i..
ZeraldinaPolishPolish form of the German Geraldine..
ZivenPolishFrom the Czech Zivan (vigorous, ali..
ZochaPolishAn alternate form of the Greek ..
ZoePolishA borrowing from the Greek, Zoe is ..
ZofiaPolishPolish form of the Greek Sophia, a ..
ZuljetaPolishPolish form of the French Juliette,..
ZusaPolishA form of the name Susan, which m..
ZuzannaPolishPolish form of Susannah, which is f..
ZygmuntPolishPolish cognate of the Germanic Sigm..
ZytkaPolishA fragrant name meaning "rose."

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